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Seeking for Business Opportunities in Japan for Finnish Design Products

Seeking for Business Opportunities in Japan for Finnish Design Products

Delegation Trip to Japan in Feb 2017

Business Oulu is planning to organize the delegation trip to participate in “Rooms34 (34th)” fair held on 15-17 Feb 2016 in Tokyo.

Rooms is one of the biggest Fashion x Design fair in the world since 2000. It provides the business place to meet between creators and buyers & journalists. Now, it has been developing as “Global rooms” aiming to promote cultural exchange and creativities by distributing directly future creations to the world. It’s business-oriented fair in fashionable and sophisticated space, because it opens to professionals only such as domestic & international buyers and press, so that it’s very effective to start fast and direct business and to get many valuable contacts for your company growth in Japanese market.

In Japan, Finnish design attract many Japanese people, in particular ladies, year by year. In recent years, many Finnish design products can be seen in Japan and lots of Japanese people love the taste of Finnish design and they show the interests in Finnish lifestyle as well.

Please don’t miss this opportunity and timing for your business in Japan!!

(NOTE) Rooms is so popular and competitive that it’s necessary to go through the “audition” to be exhibited there. In case of being selected, this delegation trip will be realized.

Registration until 16 Nov 2016 (Wed)

Takako Uchida, Coordinator, International Affairs, Japan, Business Oulu (

After the registration, company needs to give the following items for each brand to Takako ASAP.

  1. Materials showing your works from the past (photos and etc.
    *Please be sure to write down the price of each works.
  2. Brand profile
  3. Designer’s profile and photo (Unnecessary if particular designer do not exist.)
  4. Company profile, contact information, and contact person


Rooms34 (EN):
From 15(Wed) to 17 (Fri) Feb in 2017, at Yoyogi National Stadium 1st gymnasium, Tokyo

  • Organized by H.P. FRANCE S.A. (
    - Retail in the fashion and lifestyle, wholesale, production planning, joint exhibitions, consulting, public relations, art support
  • Held twice a year (September and February)
  • More than 500 brands to be exhibited and more than 20 000 visitors come
  • Organize a communication party beside the fair

Main visitors

Major department stores, boutiques, shopping site, media (newspaper, magazine, TV etc.) and other shops

Target company for this delegation trip

Private companies related to the following categories and located in Pohjois-Pohjanmaa region including a company having a branch office or a shop in this region.
“ladies’ wear, men’s wear, unisex wear, shoes, bags, hats, accessories, jewelry, denim, kid’s, product, etc.”

Basic Travel Schedule: (from 12 to 18 February, 2017)

12.02 (Sun) Flight Oulu-Helsinki-Tokyo/Narita
13.02 (Mon) Arrival in Tokyo/Narita and transportation to your hotel (stay in Tokyo)
14.02 (Tue) Final preparation for the booth at Yoyogi National Stadium (stay in Tokyo)
15.02 (Wed) Rooms34 at Yoyogi National Stadium (stay in Tokyo)
16.02 (Thu) Rooms34 at Yoyogi National Stadium (stay in Tokyo)
17.02 (Fri) Rooms 34 at Yoyogi National Stadium (stay in Tokyo)
18.02 (Sat) Flight Tokyo/Narita-Helsinki-Oulu (Arrival at the same day)
(Note) It’s allowed to arrive in Japan earlier than 13.02 or leave Japan later than 18.02, but participating in Rooms34 for 3 full days is obligatory.

What Business Oulu offers

  1. Business Oulu shared booth (min 5m2 to max 15m2 depending on the number of companies)
    *Business Oulu covers the cost of this shared booth (= fair participation fee).
  2. Booth design and construction cost including rental item cost in the booth
  3. One JP-ENG or JP-FIN interpreter in our shared booth (if needed)
  4. Arrange the whole program of this delegation trip and take care of practical things for Rooms34.
  5. Provide the travel information about Japan (if needed)
  6. Provide practical supports during the delegation trip
  7. Accompanied by Business Oulu Takako Uchida (native Japanese speaker) with this delegation.

What participating companies need to cover

  1. Travel cost including flight and accommodation, domestic transportation in Finland and Japan and other own costs (e.g. food, souvenirs, recreations etc.)
  2. International and domestic logistics cost of your products for Rooms34
  3. Own material cost (e.g. business card, poster, flyer, brochure, give-away goods, promoting/decorative stuffs etc.)

Estimated travel cost (from 12 to 18 Feb)

Total: ca 2350 euro

  • Flight (Oulu-Helsinki-Japan): ca 1000 euro
  • Accommodation: ca 150 euro/night/person (middle level in Tokyo) x 5 nights = 750 euro
    *In case you wish to save on travel cost, there are many budget hotels in Tokyo as the option.
  • Domestic transportation in Japan: ca 200 euro
  • Other own costs in Japan (foods): ca 400 euro

Contact for more details

Takako Uchida (ENG), Coordinator, International Affairs, Japan (
Jenni Tuomela (FIN), Coordinator, Creative Industry (