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New know-how and business group in Oulu

New know-how and business group in Oulu

GIN (Global Innovation Network Ltd) from Oulu is expanding its operations into laboratory automation, a completely new business area for the company. The company purchased the business operations from Fluilogic Oy, a 1978 established company specially focusing on extremely small dose dispensing of liquids, and combined these operations into a new daughter company called GIN lab Oy.

The new company has a strong competitive edge from leading experience and know-how in automation technology and rapid diagnostic ITC systems together with Fluilogic´s patented dispensing technology. This wide range technology know-how combined with the unique network of automation industry in Oulu area will further strengthen the competiveness of the new Company. Also GIN lab will benefit from the specialist know-how of Fluilogic in future business development.

The first product to enter the laboratory market combines both micro- and nano dispensing technology from Fluilogic and completely new robotics design developed by GIN. The new concept of GIN Delilah dispensing robot represents leading technology in the world. Due to its progressiveness, user friendliness and concept, it has been selected into the Finnish Design Thinking –brochure as an example of innovations in laboratory technology.

Previously Fluilogic worked with a wide network of professionals in production, R&D and marketing. Now these operations will be transferred to the GIN facilities in Oulunsalo where the new operations will create immediately 5 new jobs and give business for the local subcontractors. The New operations are based in Oulunsalo due to the fact, that there are resources and know-how available for GIN and excellent co-operation with the local companies and municipal agencies, like BusinessOulu, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and Finnvera, has been already established.

The new company markets its products to diagnostic manufacturers and laboratories with liquid handling requirements. The main markets are in Central Europe and USA .

Managing director Teijo Fabritius, +358 40 565 1782

GIN lab Oy
Director Ilkka Talvinen, +358 40 555 0294