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Avanto Accelerator - Ideas into Action!

Avanto Accelerator - Ideas into Action!

Onko ideassasi liiketoimintapotentiaalia tai onko yrittäjyys haaveenasi? Oletko ajatellut, mitä teet opiskelijaelämän päättyessä? Ota tulevaisuus omiin käsiisi! Avanto Accelerator -ohjelman kautta pääset askeleen lähemmäs yrittäjyyttä osana opintojasi, saat tietoja yrityksen perustamisesta ja kehität työelämätaitojasi. Avanto Accelerator auttaa kehittämään ideoista liiketoimintaa sekä kannustaa opiskelijoita yrittäjyyteen.

Pyrimme vahvistamaan korkeakoulujen yrittäjähenkisyyttä, sillä työskenteleminen pienessä yrityksessä on entistä useammalle opiskelijalle todennäköinen uravaihtoehto. Tavoitteenamme on kouluttaa ammattilaisia, jotka osaavat soveltaa tulevaisuuden työelämässä osaamistaan ja luoda uutta.

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Do you want to explore an idea and become an entrepreneur? Take the future in your own hands and prepare yourself for life after your studies. Avanto Accelerator takes you one step closer to becoming an entrepreneur. Through Avanto you will learn to build a business and develop skills that are needed in working life. Avanto Accelerator helps turn ideas into businesses and doers into entrepreneurs.

The AVANTO ACCELERATOR is a 6-week program with workshops and coaching that teaches you the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. With the aid of the Business Kitchen community, teams will test their ideas, build minimum viable products, launch webpages for their new products, and learn how to impress investors. Apply for the Avanto Accelerator now, as the program starts on February 28th. In the Avanto Accelerator, you need to have an idea and a team in place. If you don’t, there is still time to join these SMEhack, Kickstart, Startup Weekend or Venturing Research Challenge -events that help you find a team & develop new ideas. Read more about Avanto:

SMEhack is held on Saturday January 28th, 2017 in Tellus Innovation Arena at University of Oulu. SMEhack is the place to design and develop your ideas into actual projects together with like-minded people. This event is organized by Oulu Entrepreneurship Society, Alltime Spinverse and Elinkeinoelämän keskusliitto EK (Confederation of Finnish Industries). the prizes are amazing - the winner gets 500€ cash, VIP tickets to Polar Bear Pitching Afterswim & an opportunity to get an internship or thesis topic from Alltime. Read more:

KICKSTART. Do you have a staggering business idea in mind? Do you want to earn 1500€? Apply now to the Kickstart business idea competition, application period ends on 3rd of February! For the very first time the Kickstart competition is organized between three organizations: University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and Oulu Vocational College! The competition will culminate in the big finals on 16th of March. More:

STARTUP WEEKEND. From Feb 10th to Feb 12th experience all the ups and downs, fun, excitement and pressure of creating a startup in a 54 hour all action no talk -event. Starting your own business is not easy, certainly not in 54 hours, but our community, mentors and teachers will guide you and help you get started. Besides forming your own business, you will meet lots of fun people and have an amazing time. Join us now! More:

VENTURING RESEARCH CHALLENGE (VRC) Turns some of Oulu’s ambitious research findings into new opportunities and businesses. During a five-day challenge from Jan 30th to Feb 3rd, you will learn about new technologies, develop new skills and meet new friends. More:

Participants of Startup Weekend/VRC & Avanto Accelerator can complete the Ideas into Action course and will get 5 ECTS as part of the Entrepreneurship minor at the University of Oulu.

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