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Team Finland Visit to Germany in December 2016

Julkaistu 20.10.2016

Is your company in the Bioeconomy or IoT industry? Are you looking for new business opportunities in Germany? Join the business delegation and travel to Berlin and Stuttgart with Mr. Kai Mykkänen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development.

Why should your company go to Germany?

  • Germany’s National Research Strategy Bioeconomy 2030 has set a specific course for bio-based transformation of industry and society. 2.4 billion euros is provided for research and development until 2016.
  • Berlin is a bioeconomy pioneer and also Germany’s start-up capital with a successful infrastructure for funding and financing. Berlin is second in the nation in terms of GNP invested in research and development.
  • Many German companies (particularly SMEs) are seriously lagging behind in terms of digitalization, especially in the use of industrial internet to benefit their business. You will have the opportunity to present your company offering to a relevant German audience potentially serving as a door-opener and lead to pilot projects, other forms of cooperation or ideally to a long-term trading relationship with a company or one of their partners.
  • Baden-Württemberg with its capital city Stuttgart is home to Daimler, Bosch and IBM Germany but also to thousands of SMEs renowned for their innovation and high-productivity, many of which are family-run businesses and international hidden-champions in their own segments.

For more information on business opportunities in Germany see Why Germany.

The program includes:

  • meetings with the high-level representatives of German ministries
  • representatives of other public organizations related to bioeconomy, open innovation, etc.
  • meetings with potential local customers
  • investors and representatives of industrial VC funds.

Read more about the detailed practical information on how to register, costs involved and the program HERE.


For more information, please contact:

- Mr. Alun Jones, Senior Advisor, Finpro Office Munich, +49 173 718 4453
- Mr. Reijo Smolander, Program Director, Capitalize Your Knowledge, +358 40 552 9681
- Mr. Markku Kivistö, Program Manager, Capitalize Your Knowledge, +358 46 923 2345
- Ms. Pia Qvintus, Program Manager, Innovative Bioproducts, +358 50 563 4129
- Ms. Lotta Eiroma, Project Manager, Business Delegations, +358 40 716 2628