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City of Oulu joins PuzzlePhone B2B pilot deployment in 2016

Julkaistu 10.12.2015

Circular Devices Ltd., the Finnish startup behind the PuzzlePhone modular devices, announces the support from City of Oulu in the pilot deployment of the PuzzlePhone in 2016.

Circular Devices has been working since its incorporation in September 2014 to develop and enhance its internal business structure, securing funds to make operations as sustainable as possible, as well as to develop a high-quality partners network to ensure the long term success of the PuzzlePhone device, the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard, and the reshoring of the design, engineering and manufacturing capacities back to Europe. Oulu region is a key element in this effort as the powerful, and continuously working, talent pool and business expertise in the mobile field in this city is unbeatable. BusinessOulu is completely committed to the business and economic development of the Oulu region to support an improved quality of life and creation of new jobs.

The PuzzlePhone R&D is already involving several Oulu based companies, among the development and manufacturing partners that are based in Finland. The mid term relevance of PuzzlePhone will be increased when mass production starts, as the device will be assembled in Oulu.

Oulu will be the first device testing city for the initial PuzzlePhone Pilot deployment in 2016. City of Oulu and its administrations will be the first organizations to test the PuzzlePhone in a corporate and government environment. This pilot project aims to confirm the convenience to organizations and business given by a modular mobile platform with the best procurement value, inventory maintenance and upgrade and reuse.

Other additional values that the PuzzlePhone will provide are the added security offered by a product developed and manufactured locally. Public officers care more about where and how citizens data is handled, in that sense a device fully engineered and assembled locally give a degree of security and confidence that no one else can match. Furthermore, the modular design of the PuzzlePhone will allow for custom designed modules for application in emergency and public services, including healthcare.

Circular Devices and City of Oulu city are planning to develop a PuzzleLab in Oulu. PuzzleLab is a program supporting individuals, startups and established companies in producing their own mobile hardware based dream solutions in the form of a PuzzlePhone module, in order to gain fast growth and product-to-market access for new mobile solutions. PuzzleLab will support the creation of custom PuzzlePhone Compatible modules for specific applications. PuzzlePhone is the platform that empowers dreams of new hardware producers by lowering the barrier to market. PuzzleLab will be developed in cooperation with Oulu Open Innovation Platforms, within the Six City Strategy.

“Oulu region is the Finnish Silicon Valley, especially for developing mobile handsets and devices from an idea to market ready products. We are thankful that Circular Devices has chosen Grant4Com and its partners to develop PuzzlePhone in Oulu region. This project creates know-how and employment to productize modular and sustainable cellular phones”, says Janne Mustonen, Key Account Director, ICT from BusinessOulu.

“We believe in Circular Economy, and the simple yet efficient solution that PuzzlePhone represents by Design with its three easy to upgrade and replace modules seems to be the most realistic approach to date when it comes to eWaste and smartphones.” Says Alejandro Santacreu, CEO of Circular Devices. “PuzzleLab is a exciting initiative that will be extended to more cities in the future”.

PuzzlePhone, upgradeable, sustainable, incredible!


About Circular Devices Ltd. / PuzzlePhone
Circular Devices Ltd. is the Finnish company developing PuzzlePhone, the first modular smartphone that is easily reparable and upgradeable based on the PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard.

PuzzlePhone maximizes the product life cycle and minimizes the creation of e-waste by developing modular and easily upgradeable hardware for its mobile devices.

PuzzlePhone Compatible Open Standard is a European initiative combining the best and the most advanced design and engineering, from South to North and from East to West.

We don’t dream of the future; we build it.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 680640. - -

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