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23.03.2017 klo 09:07

Spectral Engines food-scanning solution takes home the 1st prize from EU Horizon

To stimulate innovation and help solve problems that concern European citizens, the European Commission sets challenges known as Horizon Prizes. The aim for the Horizon Prize for a Food Scanner was to create a mobile solution that analyses food composition quickly and efficiently.

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22.03.2017 klo 10:31

TESTiLABS Renews Testing Services Business Model

TESTiLABS Ltd, founded in Finland in November 2016, is a company that combines electronic devices and software testing service providers into a new, network-based business model. TESTiLABS consists of several expert testing companies that produce TESTiLABS’ testing and analysis services. TESTiLABS provides companies with sales and marketing services through its global network.

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02.03.2017 klo 12:19

Maikkula Estate invests in 60 hotel and 40 cabin real estates

Image: Sampo Valjus / Karhulat A magnificent estate hotel and holiday village is being built on the shore of Oulu river, just over 10 minutes away from Oulu city centre. The project is located on the grounds of an estate that operated in the 17th century. The investment project of approx. 60 hotel...

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02.03.2017 klo 12:04

Business’ large transport projects gaining speed

Business’ hopes of transport investments are becoming a reality.

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02.03.2017 klo 11:55

New logistics area responds to half of Finland’s needs

New plots for logistical needs have been planned alongside Oulu’s largest workplace area. E.g. Finnish Post’s central and north Finland delivery centre and Kaleva-newspaper printing house situated just next door. Logistically very central Takalaanila-area situated only 5 km from city center to...

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