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World’s biggest virtual company visit

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Visit focus will be announced in September 2024

April 18, 2024

Visit Focus: Construction industry

The event features participation from major national entities in the construction industry as well as companies specializing in architecture and the maintenance and design of the built environment.

The event is organized by Työn Taitajat, with collaboration from the North Finland Construction Cluster and the The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries

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The World's Largest Virtual Company Visit to the Construction Industry 2024

Työn Taitajat  is organizing the world's largest virtual company visit day in collaboration with companies from the construction industry on April 18, 2024.

The goal is to familiarize participants with the construction industry and the career opportunities it offers. The day will feature content tailored for children and youths of various ages.

During the visit, we'll explore the different companies and professions within the construction industry, what a workday in the sector looks like, and the skills required. Through career stories, participants will learn about the knowledge and attitudes needed in the industry and how certain choices in subjects and studies can lead to employment in the field.

The visit day is open to everyone and is free of charge. It will be broadcast live through the City of Oulu’s YouTube channel.


9:30 - 15.00 in Finnish

9:30-10:00 Early Childhood Education, and Primary Education for Grades 1-2 (
10:15-11:00 Grades 3-6
12:15-13:00 Grades 7-9
13:15-14:00 High School and Vocational Secondary Education
14:15-15:00 Higher Education

15:15-16:00 Session in English

  • Opportunities in the construction industry in Oulu, including all the event partner companies.
  • Oulu university of applied sciences
  • Oulu university


The visit day will be held as a live webcast on the City of Oulu's YouTube channel. A link to join the visit will be sent to registered participants before the event. Participants do not need a microphone or camera.

For some of the visits, children and youths will have the opportunity to engage by asking questions and sharing their thoughts using the Mentimeter tool. Mentimeter is a browser-based tool that requires no sign-up, operates anonymously, and works on phones, tablets, and computers.

Pre-Visit Questions

You can submit pre-visit questions about the construction industry to the organizers. Within the framework allowed by the event schedule, we aim to address as many questions as possible.

Link to the pre-visit questions



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the event about?

The world's largest virtual company visit introduces the company to future talents of various ages in a manner that considers the age of each target group and other special needs. During the day, pre-planned sessions are organized for different age groups. The visit can be prepared for and supplemented with exciting pre-tasks.

Who can participate in the event?

The event is open to everyone. Individuals, classes, student groups, and others interested in the topic can participate. Participation does not require traveling to Oulu in person.

What are the contents of the visit?

During the visit, participants will get acquainted with the target companies' operations through both career stories and practical aspects of the company's work. The contents are tailored to different age groups and are designed to link various subjects and comprehensive skills in the curriculum.t the event, we become familiar with the operation of target companies through career stories as well as the policy of the company. The contents are designed with each age group in mind. The contents are linked diversely to the curriculum’s extensive competence as a whole and different subjects.

How to participate in the event?

The event will be held as a live YouTube event on the City of Oulu's YouTube channel. Participants who have registered in advance will receive the participation link a few days before the event.

If necessary, individuals can also join the event without prior registration. Participation requires a computer or other smart device with audio output. Participants do not need a microphone or camera.

In schools, the visit can be projected onto the classroom screen so that everyone can follow the program.

How can I prepare for the visit in advance? Do I need to prepare in advance?

You can prepare for the visit day by completing pre-visit tasks, which we will publish on this page. The pre-visit tasks are optional, but they can help build a broader context around the visit as part of your teaching.

Pre-visit tasks are not mandatory, and you can choose to participate only in the visit if you prefer.

Can we participate in a different session if the schedule suits us better?

Yes, you can. The contents are designed according to age groups, but they are flexible and suitable for participants of different ages.

Can I sign up the whole school at once?

Yes, you can. Choose the option "group" during registration and enter the number of participants.

Who are organizing the event?

The world's largest virtual company visit is organized jointly by the City of Oulu's Work Masters program and companies in the construction industry, along with educational institutions providing training for the industry. The planning and execution of the event also involve the North Finland Construction Cluster and the Construction Industry Association. Work Masters Oulu is a joint program between BusinessOulu and the City of Oulu's education and cultural services, focusing on workplace education in educational institutions.

More information

Tiina Haapaniemi
+358 50 302 3196

Ville Saviluoto
City of Oulu, Education and Cultural Services
+358 40 351 1900


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