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JobCorner is a free of charge recruitment service which is aimed at employers as well as job seekers. JobCorners are organized together with the Northern Ostrobothnia TE services.

BusinessAsema is created for meetings such as these. It is very important to us that employers meet their future workers. In JobCorner, employers and job applicants get a chance to meet each other at BusinessAsema (Hallituskatu 36).

Employer – recruit effortlessly!

JobCorners are tailored according to the employer’s wishes. For example, the event can be organized at the time suitable to the employer or the job seekers can be asked to provide their job applications beforehand.

The JobCorner concept makes recruiting easy and effortless. We take care of all the practicalities for you, like:

  • We help to create the job ad and marketing texts
  • We market the event for job seekers and invite them to join the event
  • In the planning phase of the event, the employer can reflect their employer brand and together we make sure that job seekers get a positive notion about the event and the recruiting company.

The event is tailored according to the employer’s wishes, which can be:

  • Company info to jobseekers, where you can have a chat with candidates.
  • An interview session where the employer has the chance to interview job seekers in 20 minute intervals. Companies can also ask job seekers to send their CV’s or other information beforehand via Lyyti registration system.
  • Combination of two bullets mentioned above: Company info and pre booked interviews after.

You can also avail all BusinessOulu’s professional services. You will get information from us about for example, possibilities of economical support for recruiting.

How to get involved?

Check the contact persons below or via contact form

Job seeker – come to a job interview and get employed!

Sign up beforehand to the interview, come to JobCorner at BusinessAsema and get employed! JobCorners are free of charge, easy and effortless recruiting events for all job seekers whether you are unemployed, a working job seeker or a student.

Follow this webpage and BusinessOulu’s social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) if you want to stay updated with future information about JobCorner recruitment events.


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Heidi Huhtala

Heidi Huhtala

Specialist, solutions to corporate employee needs

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Jannika Leinonen

Jannika Leinonen


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Antti Haapalainen

Antti Haapalainen

Specialist, Event Coordinator, North Ostrobothnia TE office

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