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BusinessOulu’s mission is to promote vitality in the city by building success potential for the entire region, its citizens, and companies. We are making a strong northern growth centre which will attract businesses, new inhabitants, and students. We are creating new jobs sustainably through the growth of companies.

We serve companies through their start-up, growth, and internationalisation phases as they develop their operations and operating environment. We also help businesses with their networking as well as recruitment of talented workforce.

We help job seekers find employment and develop their expertise. We create direct contacts with corporate life to facilitate matchmaking between job seekers and companies with vacant positions.

Our close collaboration with companies, educational institutions, research facilities and public operators is manifested through many international success stories. We are making Oulu more widely known as we meet the competition for investments, companies, talents, tourists, and events.

We serve our customers individually. Our low-threshold services include business and employment services and topical coaching programmes. Our employment services are directed particularly to long-term unemployed people, under 30-year-olds, and immigrants as well as non-Finnish-speaking job seekers.

Vision, mission and customer promise

VISION 2026: Oulu – The Light of the North

International Oulu is the fastest growing urban area in Finland and a top location for business growth and new openings.


Partner for growth and development.

We offer growth-oriented companies with competitive operating environments, partnership networks and business services.


We promote vitality and employment in the city by providing companies and entrepreneurship with an operating environment that supports the establishment, operations, and competitiveness of companies, and by matching job seekers with employers. We collaborate closely with public and private partners.

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