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Soft Landing Services

Companies looking for locating in Oulu

For companies interested in locating in the Oulu area, we offer a comprehensive and customized, service package in the following areas:

A. Market information and business opportunities within different industries
B. Labour force availability
C. Premises and commercial plots
D. Financing
E. Partner Search and Networks
F. B to B services (experts, consultants, legal and accounting services)
G. Company Formation
H. Regional Information

Once you are located, we will help your business become part of the region’s company ecosystem and provide comprehensive Business Services free of charge to support your growth and development.

For Local businesses

Soft landing services help also companies already operating in the area to find new business premises or business plot options in Oulu.

  1. Premises and commercial plots can be searched through our Premises and Commercial Plots Exchange or
  2. You can contact our expert:, 050 361 4791

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Janne Ylitalo

Janne Ylitalo

Specialist, Invest In and relocation services

+358 400 999 523

Seija Haapalainen

Seija Haapalainen

Senior Consultant, Real Estate Business, Relocation Services

+358 50 361 4791

Olli Löytynoja

Olli Löytynoja

Head of Key Accounts and Investments

+358 400 340 028

Heidi Tikanmäki

Heidi Tikanmäki

Key Account Director, Health and Life Science industries, business development

+358 40 542 0007

Jyrki Kemppainen

Jyrki Kemppainen

Key Account Director, Trade & Services, Travel and Logistics, business development

+358 44 499 3296

Aaltje (Ata) Bos

Aaltje (Ata) Bos

Senior Advisor, International Healthcare Management

+358 40 581 2375