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Oulu is an excellent location of growth in Finland

If your company or you personally are planning to relocate to and invest in Finland, this is the service you are looking for.

Oulu is one of Finland’s fastest-growing cities where new innovative companies are constantly growing and entering the global market. Excellent partners often serve as enablers for the companies’ growth, and BusinessOulu is happy to help you in finding them. The Invest In team and industry-specific account managers serve as your local guides to the business world in Oulu, Finland.

With our help, you will find the proper investment objects, research and development partners, experts and business premises in Oulu. We will advise you in terms of fundraising and arrange events and gatherings where you can find the right contacts in the capital of Northern Scandinavia.

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Implemented and ongoing investments

Varjakka, island and the continent area

Nallikari summer holiday resort


Oulu Investment Opportunities

Business premises and sites

BusinessOulu maintains a free service called Marketplace for Premises, in which both entrepreneurs and private companies and individuals can advertise vacant premises in the Oulu region.


Company financing

A start-up company needs money from the very beginning. Money is needed for investments related to the commencement of operations (e.g. the purchase of business premises, machinery and equipment, furniture and fittings, and software) and for the working capital (e.g. establishment expenses, initial stock, rents and salaries). Finnvera plc grants loans, guarantees, export guarantees and venture financing.

Veraventure/Finnvera Ltd opens a new channel for companies to seek capital investments directly from business angels.

The Northern Ostrobothnia Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Center) grants subsidies and funding for business operations in response to applications. Funding may also be granted for preparations.

The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes offers funding for development, research and innovation activities.

Butterfly Ventures Oy is an Oulu-based company specialized in the development of early-stage start-up companies and the management of capital investment funds investing in them.

Tekno Venture Management Oy manages five different funds operating in the Oulu region and Lapland. As a local operator, we know the companies and entrepreneurs well and we have solid stakeholder relationships and a comprehensive contact network.

Oulu Investment Guides

Invest in Oulu

Facts, figures and experiences about new ways to boost your business in Finland


– центр северной Скандинавии Инвестируйте в Оулу!
Справочник для инвесторов



Hanhikivi Guide

Information on the operational environment of the nuclear power plant project

Справочник «Проект Ханхикиви»

Информация о регионе реализации проекта атомной электростанции


Hanhikivi Guide

Information om kärnkraftsprojektets verksamhetsmiljö



Welcome to Oulu


Д обро пожаловать в Оулу



Ecosystem information


University of Oulu - from high level research to business






Seija Haapalainen

Seija Haapalainen

Senior Consultant, Relocation Services

+358 50 361 4791

Pasi Keinänen

Pasi Keinänen

Key Account Director, Cleantech and Industry

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Jyrki Kemppainen

Jyrki Kemppainen

Key Account Director, Trade & Services, Travel and Logistics

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Olli Löytynoja

Olli Löytynoja

Head of Key Accounts, Key account Director, Industry

+358 400 340 028

Janne Mustonen

Janne Mustonen

Key Account Director, ICT and Nano

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Janne Ylitalo

Janne Ylitalo

Service manager, Investments

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