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The development and growth of the company's operations requires a skilled workforce, and our experts will help you and your company find suitable candidates.

With the help of our extensive networks, we reach a wide range of job seekers, from young people at the beginning of their working careers to industry experts and international experts. Through BusinessOulu, you can also reach students and jobseeker clients who are for example interested in internships.

You can register online or contact us to discuss your company's recruitment and skills needs. We also organise several recruitment events, which are free of charge.

Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your company's recruitment and skills needs in more detail.

Advertise a job

There are many ways to find a suitable employee. Advertise a vacancy yourself on Työmarkkinatori (Job Market) or contact our experts to find the most suitable way for you and your company to find employees.

Job Market

Are you looking for an employee through a vacancy notice? Use the link below to easily post your job on Työmarkkinatori.

Anonymous Recruiting

Together we will identify the needs of your company and search for candidates from our customer base that matches your needs. You can contact your selected jobseekers and invite the most suitable ones for an interview. We will also help you to apply for financial support for recruitment if the conditions of the person to be hired are met.

Payroll Service

You can also register a vacant wage subsidy post via the Job Market Centre. We are looking for suitable applicants who meet the criteria for a wage subsidy. We can help you with the pay subsidy process and other related questions.

Wage Subsidy

You can also register a vacant wage subsidy through Työmarkkinatori. We are looking for suitable applicants who meet the criteria for a wage subsidy. We can help you with the pay subsidy process and other related questions.

Work Try-out

Read more about offering a work trial here (in Finnish).

Contact us:

Jarno Paasonen,
Mika Halonen,

Participate in recruitment events – JobCorner & MegaMatching

Our recruitment events are free of charge and open to all employers.

JobCorner – meeting jobseekers and employers.

JobCorner is a low-threshold recruitment service aimed at bringing employers and jobseekers together.

JobCorners are organized at BusinessAsema in cooperation with the TE office of North Ostrobothnia.

Contact information:

  • Jannika Leinonen, Coordinator, 029 505 6371,
  • Salla Hirvonen, Specialist, 040 726 1842, salla


MegaMatchmaking is one of Finland's largest recruitment events. At the Megamatch recruitment event, employers and job seekers network, and the program always has a lot of information and inspiring speeches. The events are organized in cooperation by BusinessOulu and the North Ostrobothnia TE office.

Contact information:

  • Sari Kauppila, 044 703 8301,
  • Jarno Paasonen, 050 349 7277,

Hiring an International Job Seeker

The Oulu region is home to a large number of qualified international professionals who would like to work for local companies.

International House Oulu can help your company find suitable international job-seekers through our local networks and by organizing recruitment events.

International House Oulu’s website also provides comprehensive information on national recruitment services.

Advertise your English-language job on the Jobs in Finland website.

Contact us:

Salla Hirvonen, 040 726 1842,

Advise on Work Try-outs

A work try-out is an excellent way to test how cooperation with a potential new employee goes. For the job seeker, the try-out gives them the opportunity to get to know the profession and workplace that interests them. work try-outs are free services for employers and unemployed job seekers.

A work try-out is a practical training that takes place at the workplace and lasts 1-3 months. 

For more information:

  • Jarno Paasonen,, 050 349 7277
  • Mika Halonen,, 040 359 3061

If necessary, we can help you with all your employment-related questions.

Recruit with an apprenticeship contract

With an apprenticeship, you help can transform anyone into excellent employees.

The student or intern will be employed for the duration of the apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship is a paid in a workplace. The employer pays the intern a wage based on the TES. The work must be provided for at least 25 hours per week. A trial period may be agreed at the start of a new employment contract.

What can you learn through an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship can be used to obtain a basic, vocational, or professional qualification. During the internship, skills are demonstrated through workplace screenings. For example, the recruiting can include only one or more parts of the degree, which are used to supplement previous knowledge. It is also possible to do summer work with an apprenticeship contract.

What does an apprenticeship require from the employer?

The intern needs a supervisor appointed by the workplace who has the skills, motivation, and time to guide the intern. The employer may be paid a monthly allowance for training the student and guiding their learning in working life. The training allowance paid by the apprenticeship agency is agreed separately for each internship contract.

Wage subsidy for hiring an unemployed jobseeker

If an unemployed jobseeker is selected as an intern, a wage subsidy is available to cover the wage costs. The amount of the wage subsidy is dependent on the jobseeker. Once the wage subsidy has been granted, the employer can also apply for a municipal bonus.

Contact us and we will find a suitable apprenticeship partner for you:
Tuija Karppila,

More information about the apprenticeship contract (in Finnish)

Reach graduating students who are ready to the work-life

Would you like to reach out to students from local educational institutions for internships or offer a job to a fresh talent.

We can help you find the suitable candidates. Alternatively, you can announce jobs and internships yourself and offer thesis or project work through the educational institutions' electronic systems. The service is free of charge for the user.

Educational institutions' electronic recruitment systems:

Contact information: Service manager Tuija Karppila,

Job training to support employment

Does your company need someone for the job?

A job coach works with jobseeker-clients with the goal of matching a motivated worker with a suitable job.

We provide support for job search, transition to work and, if necessary, to the workplace, especially in the early stages of the employment relationship.

Contact information:

Lauri-Aleksi Heikkilä
job coach, Työhönmennnus team
050 468 3288

Tommi Hepo-oja
job coach, Työhönmennnus team
040 508 5840

Jussi Laakso
job coach, Työhönmennnus team
050 563 1541

Hanna Lohilahti
job coach, Työhönmennnus team
040 185 3824

Krista Tigerstedt
job coach, Työhönmennnus team
040 648 7678

Tuija Karppila

Tuija Karppila

Service Manager, solutions to corporate employee needs

+358 40 619 4270

Salla Hirvonen

Salla Hirvonen

Specialist, solutions to corporate employee needs

+358 40 726 1842

Tiina Haapaniemi

Tiina Haapaniemi

Specialist, Future talents for work

+358 50 302 3196

Jarno Paasonen

Jarno Paasonen

Company collaboration coordinator

+358 50 349 7277

Mika Halonen

Mika Halonen


+358 40 359 3061