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Business premises and plots

We will help you find the best possible solution for you, whether you are looking for a fully finished office space or a bigger site for your company. BusinessOulu maintains a free service called Marketplace for Business Premises and Plots, in which entrepreneurs and private companies as well as individuals can advertise vacant premises in the Oulu region.

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BusinessPlaza is the portal for businesses’ ownership changes, maintained by BusinessOulu. The databank of the site offers information on both business acquisitions and generational changes as well as their different phases. The portal also has a marketplace where you can add a business that is for sale or a note expressing your intention to buy one.

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New Company database

New Company Database

BusinessOulu introduces a new company database,

Companies can submit information on their traditional line of business as well as other areas of expertise. Areas of expertise make it easier for businesses to network as listings expand beyond core business lines.
The company database works both in Finnish and English and is free of charge.


You can choose several lines of business as well as sub-businesses. You can also find keywords in the sub-listing. These keywords make it easier for companies to network as listings expand beyond core business lines. Search bar searches for the words you have entered amongst all data.


Service environments of Oulu area

Does your company need research or development services to find new products or services? Do you want production or testing services for you technology prototype? Are you trying to find educational visit content for your company? You can find many different research, development, production and testing services as well as services for educational visits and export from public players in Oulu area. Most of them are categorized in this listing.

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BusinessPilot (Business Planning Guide)

BusinessPilot is an information kit that provides up-to-date and locally-produced basic information for entrepreneurs.

The kit includes guides, workbooks and calculation software that will help you with independent management of business and financial administration and marketing. One section of the kit is dedicated to starting a new business.

BusinessOulu’s BusinessPilot kit is available for all local companies and prospective entrepreneurs.
The kit can be used with a regular computer equipped with MS Word and Excel software and Adobe Acrobat reader. You can download the guides and workbooks to your hard drive so that you can access them offline. Once you have completed and saved your plans and calculations, you can submit them by e-mail.

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