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Inno workshops

Inno workshops are tailored, theme-based, goal-oriented workshops in which the most realisable ideas will be picked out from a large number of ideas by using a suitable method.

Test user forum is an online community which anyone can join as a test user. allows you to participate in and influence the development of services and products locally and anywhere the internet is available. provides companies, research centres and organisations engaged in product development with an opportunity to find user visions and opinions on ideas, products and services.

Idea sprints

Idea sprints help participants find new solutions for the real-life development targets of companies.

Innovation training

Innovation training brings together ideas, experts and application areas from different areas of expertise in a way that will create new start-ups, teams, possibilities and ideas. The participants make their observations in life-like environments.

Service environments of Oulu area

Does your company need research or development services to find new products or services? Do you want production or testing services for you technology prototype? Are you trying to find educational visit content for your company? You can find many different research, development, production and testing services as well as services for educational visits and export from public players in Oulu area. Most of them are categorized in this listing.

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Pirjo Koskiniemi

Pirjo Koskiniemi

Manager, Open Innovation Services

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