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22.11.2021 klo 10:00

Teknoware to establish a product development unit in Oulu

The Lahti-based company Teknoware will establish a product development unit in Oulu to strengthen its electronics and software expertise alongside the Lahti product development unit.

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09.11.2021 klo 08:15

International, versatile and multiskilled personnel are a strength – growth company MeKiwi heads to the world

Samuel Kuosmanen, CEO of MeKiwi, is rightly pleased. MeKiwi, which provides digital services to its customers and directly to consumers, looks to the future optimistically.

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05.11.2021 klo 12:00

Trends of congress travel become concrete in Oulu

The corona period has taught us that virtual events can never fully replace physical congresses.

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25.10.2021 klo 15:10

International talent day for the first time in Oulu – “Perfect opportunities for networking”

Yinan Li from China and Iqra Khan from Pakistan both enjoy life in Oulu. In October, they came to find out more about MediaTek’s operations. “It’s important to find out what employment opportunities Oulu has to offer,” Iqra says.

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06.10.2021 klo 11:30

The students of the University of Oulu are on average more satisfied than students at other universities in Europe

A European student survey rates the University of Oulu very favourably. According to Vivek Manjunatha Swamy, an Indian student, studying at the University of Oulu is safe, and help has been readily available during the pandemic.

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