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  1. Business idea and business model
  2. Starting a business
  3. Company financing
  4. Export and Finnish Business Hubs
  5. Ownership changes
  6. Business coaching
  7. Innovation services

Business coaching

If you have the competence, you will be successful!

In cooperation with our partners, we provide several practical training and coaching programs related to business competence. The topics range from sales and marketing competence to export operations, company financing, financial administration, business and contract law, and product and service development. The duration of the coaching sessions varies from short briefings to tailored programs that last for a few days.

Check the BusinessOulu event calendar for available coaching programs.

Kärkkäinen Janne

Kärkkäinen Janne

Advisor, Business Development

+358 40 596 6838

Uimonen Markku

Uimonen Markku

Senior Advisor, Business Development

+358 44 703 1315