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An apprenticeship is an excellent way to increase your staff's skills while working and at the same time increase your company's competitiveness.

The apprentice is employed for the duration of the apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is learning on the job in a paid employment or service manner. The employer pays the apprentice a wage in accordance with the TES. The work must be provided for at least 25 hours per week. A trial period may be agreed at the start of a new employment contract.

What can you learn through an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship can be used to obtain a basic, vocational, or professional qualification. During the apprenticeship, skills are demonstrated through workplace screenings. For example, the recruiting can include only one or more parts of the degree, which are used to supplement previous knowledge. It is also possible to do summer work with an apprenticeship contract.

What does an apprenticeship require from the employer?

The apprentice needs a supervisor appointed by the workplace who has the skills, motivation, and time to guide the intern. The employer may be paid a monthly allowance for training the student and guiding their learning in working life. The training allowance paid by the apprenticeship agency is agreed separately for each apprenticeship contract.

Wage subsidy for hiring an unemployed jobseeker

If an unemployed jobseeker is selected as an intern, a wage subsidy is available to cover the wage costs. The amount of the wage subsidy is dependent on the jobseeker. Once the wage subsidy has been granted, the employer can also apply for a municipal bonus.

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