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BusinessOulu Incubator

Our one-year incubator programme covers the most central aspects of business: you will learn what to do and what you should not do. You will get expert tutelage, knowledge and tools for establishing a successful business. We are constantly admitting new participants to the programme.

The BusinessOulu incubator offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors and other operators at BusinessAsema. You can find us at Hallituskatu 36 B, 3rd floor (upstairs from BusinessAsema).

During the year we will address the following issues:

  1. Business attitude and goals: What do you aim for with your business – do you want to build a growth company or are you looking for a pleasant job and income?
  2. Team: What sort of expertise is your team lacking?
  3. The Lean approach: Build – measure – learn!
  4. Customer: Who is your customer and where can you find them?
  5. Problem/solution: Is this what your customers are really looking for?
  6. Measuring: Do you have enough paying customers?
  7. Business model: How will you make money now and in the future?

BusinessAsema co-creation platform

Downstairs from our business incubator, at BusinessAsema, you can find a multitude of services concerning entrepreneurship, expertise and employment. BusinessAsema also functions as a co-creation and trial platform for new solutions. Here you will find:

  • a FabLab for making demos
  • a Cave environment for VR/AR implementations
  • a selection of training and coaching services
  • spaces for work and events

Other start-up companies will support your business. Osuuskunta A. Vipunen will help you with patenting and other immaterial issues. An industrial designer and service designer are also at your disposal for product design and process development. Furthermore, BusinessOulu advisors can help you with their services and contacts with Finnish and international investors.

Application and pricing

You can apply to participate in the incubator when you are planning business activities at least on a national scale. You can apply even as a sole entrepreneur if you aim to grow and expand the expertise of your company with additional personnel.

The one-year incubator programme is free of charge. The rent for business premises starts at 290 EUR/month (VAT 0%)

Investment Readiness

Goals and Priorities


Lean Canvas

Market Size & Competitive Analysis

Customers, Users and Early Adopters

Customer Development

Minimum Viable Product

User Acquisition & Metrics

Traction and Product-Market Fit


Business Models

Are you interested? Call and come to visit the incubator or leave us a contact request using the form below.

Hannu Hiltunen

Hannu Hiltunen

Advisor, Business Development and Financing

+358 44 703 1394

Janne Kärkkäinen

Janne Kärkkäinen

Advisor, Business Development

+358 40 596 6838