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17.06.2021 klo 13:43

Oulu is an example for regional development of sparsely populated areas

International meetings are continuing again in Oulu as the Coronavirus situatiSpanish Secretary for the European Union Juan González-Barba Pera and his delegation visited Oulu on the 14th of June 2021 as guests of Tytti Tuppurainen, Minister for European Affairs and Ownership Steering.

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25.05.2021 klo 16:00

QuietOn Launches QuietOn 3, world’s Smallest Active Noise-Cancelling Earbuds Specifically Designed to Improve Sleep Quality

Breakthrough earbuds combine industry-leading ANC technology with the world’s smallest form factor to deliver the health tech market a first-of-its-kind solution designed to optimize sleep.

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21.04.2021 klo 14:44

Geely’s new test car arrives in Oulu

CEVT (China Euro Vehicle Technology AB) delivers its latest Lynk & Co 01 EU version to Oulu. The car will be used in research and development by Oulu Automotive Cluster.

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14.04.2021 klo 09:45

KYOCERA Licenses TactoTek® Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE®) Technology

The global electronic manufacturer is first to design, develop, and produce IMSE parts in Japan.

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12.04.2021 klo 14:05

Oulu, DNA and Playsign use 5G and augmented reality to enrich learning at school

DNA, BusinessOulu, the Educational ja Cultural Services, City of Oulu, Oulun Digi, Hiukkavaara school and Playsign will together implement a 5G pilot at Hiukkavaara school in Oulu. The pilot is part of the “Sustainable Future” theme of phenomenon-based learning and it aims to deepen learning by enriching it through means enabled by new technologies.

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