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31.08.2018 klo 14:19

Creoir Approved as Alexa Voice Service Solution Provider

Creoir, Oulu-based technology and engineering company specialising in wireless devices, IoT solutions and voice-enabled products, has announced it is now an Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Solution Provider qualified by Amazon. AVS is a global market leader of voice-operated services and devices.

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29.08.2018 klo 13:12

Science and business greet each other in Oulu University Business Forum 9th of November

University Business Forum introduces the latest research in the University of Oulu to companies and lets companies pitch their wishes to researchers.

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17.08.2018 klo 16:00

Hollywood location scouts on fam trip in Oulu

Half a dozen seasoned location managers and scouts for big productions came to Finland for a one-week fam trip made possible by Business Finland’s AV industry production incentive. Northern Ostrobothnia and the Oulu region were included in the group’s agenda.

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19.07.2018 klo 15:09

Oulu-based Baby Tech Companies SEP Solutions and Kipuwex Sign a Joint Venture Agreement with China’s Mini Silicon Valley

Oulu-based baby tech companies SEP Solutions Oy (Onni Care) and Kipuwex Oy have signed a joint venture agreement with China’s Mini Silicon Valley to create a new IoT solution for MiNiSV’s Baby Platform.

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06.06.2018 klo 14:00

Admescope has acquired MetaSafe AB

Admescope Ltd, a pre-clinical ADME-Tox service provider today announced the acquisition of MetaSafe AB, a company specialised in the field of metabolic biotransformation research.

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