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The world is calling, is your company ready?

The largest growth often comes through internationalization, but this calls for careful preparation. Even if your company’s product is solid, you also need to know the target market, use the correct networks and secure financing. Our experts provide you with practical support in internationalization and the commencement of export operations.

Target markets

Together, we will consider the criteria your company uses to select new markets. We will help you survey potential target markets and international contacts and networks. We will collect and disseminate information about export-related issues and markets.

Export competences

We will help you analyse and develop your company’s export competences.

Export promotion trips

We make export promotion trips to international events. We meet potential partners and financiers, organize B2B matchmaking events and assist in the sales negotiation arrangements where necessary.
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Through our export networks we assist companies in seizing business opportunities to engage in straightforward trading.

Exports to Sweden and Norway

BusinessOulu’s Nordic program develops the connections of Finnish companies and industries with the markets of northern Sweden and northern Norway.

In northern Norway, the centre of this cooperation is the new Finnish Business Hub in Tromsø, which was officially inaugurated on January 21st, 2014 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Finnish Business Hub helps companies build connections between Finland and northern Norway. The aim is to promote new business operations, especially in industrial production, the ICT sector, and construction. To this end, the program has looked into the current needs of local construction companies and compiled them in the form of a list, with the aim of finding Finnish manufacturers that could supply the construction materials and components needed in the region.

The Finnish Business Hub is tasked with disseminating information on the Nordic employment markets; promoting exports; surveying and showcasing investment targets; promoting research, development and investment operations; establishing new connections for tourism and culture; and streamlining the mobility of employees and cooperation between public sector operators.

Nordic program and Finnish Business Hub

In Finland, and in the Oulu region in particular, youth unemployment is relatively high. However, in nearby regions of northern Sweden and northern Norway, the situation is completely different. Northern Sweden is enjoying practically full employment and some sectors are actually suffering from labour shortage. Northern Norway, meanwhile, is suffering from labour shortage in all sectors.

The operations of the Finnish Business Hub in Tromsø and BusinessOulu’s Nordic program aim to increase the sales of Oulu-based export companies in northern Norway by 50 million euros. Companies in the Oulu region definitely have the potential and the expertise to achieve this goal.

Construction projects in the north and other useful information

The Finnish Business Hub helps companies build connections in the regions of northern Finland and northern Norway. This page collects information about calls for tenders for infrastructure and construction projects. The website is also constantly being updated with information on new Nordic opportunities.

For further information about calls for tenders, send an e-mail to or

Finnish Business Hub, Tromsø, Norway

Visiting address until May, 2016
Grönnegata 53

Visiting address from May, 2016:
Forskningsparken i Tromsø
Sykehusveien 23
Norinnova Technology Tranfer

P.O. Box 22,
FI-90015 Oulun kaupunki, FINLAND

Finnish Business Hub, Gellivare, Sweden

Visiting address:
Vuoskonjärvivägen 13, Gellivare, Sweden
(Företagscentrum, Expandum)

P.O. Box 22,
FI-90015 Oulun kaupunki, FINLAND

Exports to Germany

The Oulu region has been engaged in collaboration with Germany and the Baden-Württemberg region in particular for more than two decades. During this time, the collaboration has extended to a broad cross-sectoral cooperation network in the fields of administration, science, business, education and culture. Taking part in the collaboration are not only the Regional State Administrative Agency for Northern Finland, the City of Oulu, BusinessOulu, the University of Oulu and the Oulu Chamber of Commerce, but also various organizations and bodies in the education and culture sector.

During the past three years or so, the business community and various operators engaged in innovation, research and development have built a systematic and comprehensive network that, together with operators from Baden-Württemberg, delivers concrete results for the connections established in view of the business community in particular. We also collaborate with companies in other regions of Germany on a case-by-case basis.

Our principal partners in Germany

Baden-Württemberg International
An organization under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Science of the State Government responsible for the practical implementation of international relations and projects. The organization has particularly good relations with departments responsible for international matters in the fields of business and research.

A state-wide umbrella organization for clusters in the Life Science sector, under which there are a number of specialist clusters, such as those in the fields of health care, biotechnology and pharmacy, medical technology, etc.

Technology Mountains and its sub-clusters Micromountains and Medical Mountains. Located in the area is a medical technology hub specializing in medical science and surgery, which is not only the most important hub in this field in Germany but significant on the global scale as well.

IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
Chamber of Industry and Commerce in the field of medical technology under which the Medical-Mountains cluster organization, among others, operates.

BioRegio STERN
A development organization operating in several regions in Baden-Württemberg that supports the development of biotechnologies and latest medical technologies, focusing on the development of small and medium-sized and start-up companies.

Baden-Württemberg State Assembly
The political leaders of the state as well as the representatives of various parties play a crucial role as a door-opener for Oulu-based companies and organisations not only in administration but also in research and innovation endeavours.

Innovation World Cup® Series
An open innovation platform in IoT that discovers emerging applications and investment opportunities in smart Home, Healthcare, Lifestyle, City, Industrial, Agriculture, Transport and Retail fields worldwide. They connect techpreneurs with leading industry partners to form powerful alliances capable of transforming ideas into global success stories.

Exports to Kazakhstan

Finnish Business Hub Astana serves the companies in our region in matters related to the markets in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is the most vibrant of the Central-Asian countries with its constantly growing economy (GDP). The country’s desire to increase foreign investments and to invest in its own development outside of the traditional oil and gas sector has opened up new business opportunities for Finnish companies as well. Potential is present in sectors such as cleantech and energy, healthcare, education and innovation systems in particular.

The Finnish Business Hub is tasked with disseminating information about the markets in Kazakhstan, promoting exports, finding new business opportunities for the companies in our region, surveying and showcasing investment targets, promoting research, development and investment operations, and establishing new connections.

VIsiting address:
Turkestan street 2
Office 115
Kazakhstan, 010000

P.O. Box 22
FI-90015 Oulun kaupunki

Exports to Japan

In Japan, our networks are focused on three regions: Hokkaido, the City of Sendai, and the Kanagawa Prefecture.

In the Sendai region, our cooperation is primarily focused on facilitating the starting of business between the regions in the ICT, life science, cleantech, creative industries (game industry) and basic industry sectors in particular. Cooperation with the Kanagawa Prefecture commenced in the fall of 2014 and is at this stage focused on the development of ICT equipment in the ‘ME-BYO’ environment together with the Regulatory Science Center.

Exports to Turkey

As a single market area, Turkey is big. There is a great demand for industrial products and consumer commodities. The country is making a lot of investments in construction and modernising its industrial infrastructure. This offers new possibilities also for Finnish actors. The so called Cleantech is on the rise in Turkey.

Exports to Spain

Why Spain?

With a record high 140 billion euros, Spain will be the recipient of the second-highest amount in the EU’s public investment by 2026. Major focus areas are on investments in strategic sectors such as the automotive industry, information and communications technologies (ICT) and digitalisation of the public and private sectors. Green transition, such as in a circular economy and energy transition, plays an important role as well.

Read more about Exports to Spain

Export – Other countries

We help companies enter and increase their export in countries like the US, Great Britain, France, etc. We participate in various events and organise B2B trips. In addition, we make use of the global networks of other actors.

Jukka Olli

Jukka Olli

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Petri Karinen

Head of International Affairs

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Sanna Savolainen

Sanna Savolainen

Advisor of International Affairs

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Maja Terning

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