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Do you have a summer job to offer?

Announce your summer job voucher vacancy by filling in the form behind the link. The City of Oulu summer job voucher can be used for employment by companies, associations, societies, organisations, clubs, or foundations in the Oulu region (Oulu, Hailuoto, Ii, Kempele, Liminka, Lumijoki, Muhos, and Tyrnävä).

Summer job instructions for the employer

Summer job voucher subsidy

You can use the summer job voucher to hire a 15 – 17-year-old person (born 1 May 2004 – 30 April 2007) to work in the summer season 1 May – 30 September 2022. A young person may use one summer job voucher during the summer, and the voucher is for personal use only.

We subsidise employers for 320 euros of a summer voucher employee’s salary. The subsidy will be paid to the employer after the employment.

The summer job voucher employment lasts for two weeks and includes 30 hours of work per week or a total of 60 hours during the summer season. If the total number of hours is less than 60, the summer job voucher compensation will be paid according to the actual work hours.

Fair compensation for summer employment

The salary for a summer voucher employed young person for the duration of the employment must meet the collective labour agreement. If the field of employment does not have a standing agreement, the minimum gross salary of a summer employee must be at least 370 euros. If a gross salary of less than 370 euros has been paid, the summer job voucher subsidy will not be paid.

An excess share will fall to the employer in the salary expenses. In addition, the employer will pay the statutory side expenses for the salary.

Please agree on holiday compensations and compensations for Saturday and Sunday employment with the employee before the employment begins.

The law on young employees must be observed for the summer employment.

Apply for the subsidy at eAsiointi

The City of Oulu has transferred the application process for the summer job voucher subsidy to the electronic eAsiointi service. Use of the service requires strong electronic identification and authorisation for doing business on behalf of a company ID. Accepted forms of authorisation include a general signature right or more specifically an authorisation item entitled ”Submitting a subsidy application” for which there are separate instructions. You can find more information about authorisations from this link. You will need the data of the company and the young employee from the filled-in summer job voucher. A job contract and verification of salary payment shall be included as attachments. You can enter the eAsiointi service from this link. The electronic service speeds up the processing of applications and the payment of subsidies.

The City of Oulu supervises its necessary obligations according to the Act on the Contractor’s Liability also when granting and paying benefits and subsidies. If the applicant does not belong to the advance collection register, the recipient of the subsidy must be able to verify the fulfilment of required obligations, if requested. See complete instructions at service.

Summer job voucher is for employers in the Oulu city region

The summer job voucher can be used for employment by companies and third sector bodies operating in Oulu, Hailuoto, Ii, Kempele, Liminka, Lumijoki, Muhos, or Tyrnävä.

A private person cannot hire a summer employee with the voucher subsidy. The employer must have a company ID.

How to proceed

  1. When you have found a suitable summer employee, make sure that they have a summer job voucher issued by the City of Oulu.
  2. Agree on the salary with the employee before work commences. Gross salary must be paid according to the collective labour agreement. If your branch does not have such an agreement, pay the employee a gross minimum of 370 euros. Remember also to agree on compensating holidays and weekend labour.
  3. Make a written agreement with your employee, stating the start and end dates of the employment, the number of hours, the tasks to do, and the salary. Print out the job contract form. When it comes to insuring your employee for occupational accidents, consult your insurance company.
  4. Ask your employee for the original summer job voucher in which they shall fill in their personal data.
  5. When the summer employment is over, pay your employee their salary immediately. Remember also to write them a job certificate for the summer employment.
  6. When you have paid your employee their salary, log in to the eAsiointi service and do as follows:
    • fill in the electronic summer job voucher application (information from the voucher sheet) and attach the following appendices:
      • signed job contract
      • official verification of salary payment, stating the employee’s name, identity number, gross salary and the employer payments paid (see payments in the next section). The last salary receipt will do. You can use services such as the page to pay the salary and print out a salary receipt by logging in to the service. Self-made receipts or cash ones are not acceptable verifications for salary payment. If requested, the subsidy recipient must be able to verify the fulfilment of required obligations.
  7. We will pay the summer job voucher subsidy of 320 euros based on the application and appendices. The application and appendices must be submitted by 31 October 2022 through the electronic eAsiointi service.
  8. Ask your young employee and their guardian for their consent to hand over their information to BusinessOulu employment services (EU General Data Protection Regulation). Print out the form of consent. You do not have to deliver the form to the City of Oulu.

If it is not possible to submit the summer job voucher application and appendices through the eAsiointi service, you can also send them by post to Byströmin Ohjaamo/Kesätyöseteli, Hallituskatu 5 a, 90100 Oulu. Processing time for applications on paper is approximately 6 weeks.

Please, also note that the summer job voucher subsidy will not be paid if the summer employee has been paid a salary that meets the terms, documentation is lacking, or it has not been submitted in time. The City of Oulu cannot be invoiced for the summer job voucher transaction.

Employer payments

If requested, the subsidy recipient must be able to verify the fulfilment of required obligations. Below is a list of the most essential issues. For a complete set of instructions, please go to

  • Tax withholding from salary payment
  • Medical insurance payment (employees aged 16–67)
    • The medical insurance must be paid even if tax cannot be withheld, for example if tax withholding is not necessary according to the employee’s income tax card.
  • Employment pension insurance payment (TyEL) (employees aged 17–68)
    • If the amount of monthly income exceeds the limit of insurance obligation
    • For example in 2021: ”The employee must be insured, if their work income during a calendar month is at least 61.37 euros.”
  • Unemployment insurance payment (employees aged 17–64)
    • If the employer pays salaries in an amount of more than 1 300 euros during a calendar year
  • Occupational accident and illness insurance payment
    • If the employer pays salaries in an amount of more than 1 300 euros during a calendar year
    • The insurance must be in force when the employee starts work.

No medical insurance, employment pension insurance, or unemployment insurance payments need to be paid from the salary of an employee who is under 16 years of age.

If the operations of a benefit or subsidy recipient do not include payment of salaries, there are no obligations concerning social insurance payments either.

For more specific information, visit the portal.