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BusinessOulu implements its strategy for the advancement of business in Finland with project and program funding.

Finnish Business Hub

The Finnish Business Hubs are business centres established by BusinessOulu and the City of Oulu to build connections between northern Finland and the target country. The aim is to promote new business operations, especially in industrial production, the ICT sector and construction. The Finnish Business Hubs are also tasked with disseminating information about the labour market of the target areas.

Finnish Business Hubs serve in:

  • Astana (Kazakhstan)
  • Gällivare (Sweden)
  • Tromsø (Norway).

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Digi-AEC project

The Digi-AEC project is for companies within the fields of architecture, technical design and construction. The aim of the project is to improve the efficiency of the entire value chain and to save costs in public procurement processes. Digi-AEC focuses on processes related to the design, acquisition, use and maintenance of construction and their management in the regions of Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. The project will build regional clusters and promote Nordic co-operation between these clusters. The project have 15 cooperating municipalities in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Companies are welcome to participate in our Nordic cooperation.


During the project period Digi-AEC will arrange a series of 8 workshops where our participants and partners are welcome to join. Here is an overview:

Alta 5.–6th February 2019
Workshop 1 –How can digitalization lead to cost and time savings

Oulu 14.–15. May 2019
Workshop 3 –Use of digital methods and technology in the construction process

Luleå 26.–27. March 2019
Workshop 2 –Tendering process, contractual relationship and selection of pilot projects 

Oulu 14.–15. May 2019
Workshop 4 –BIM based industralisation of the construction phase

Tromsø 19–20. November 2019
Workshop 5 –The operation phase, training of users and development of new services based on public access to ”digital twins”

Workshop 6 – Maintenance of buildings and use of digital twin to improve how the building supports

Workshop 7 –How to move experiences from digitalization of new buildings to renovation of old buildings

Workshop 8 –End seminar: What have we learned and how do we continue this work

Business Support

For SME companies in the Interreg-North area, we are able to provide tailored business development services around partner search within the project area. We provide:

Market Scan
Tailormade B2B meetings with potential partners
Local consultant as support during export trips

If you are interested in finding parters, customers or subcrontractors in Northern Finland, -Sweden or -Norway, please be in contact with your local contact person. 

Bygg Reis Deg 2019

Join us at Bygg Reis Deg 16-17.10.2019!

Digi-AEC is participating in the largest Construction exhibition in Norway, Lillestrøm (close to Oslo). We have a smaller booth at the Digital Arena, as a part of the large stand with SCC Alta. If you want to join us, please be in contact with our project's contact persons:

Finland: Johanna Kamunen

Sweden: Robert Forsberg

Norway: Hans Kristian Henriksen

Participating municipalities

List of project members






Participating companies

Aarne Kultalahti

Aarne Kultalahti

Head of Business Environment

+358 44 703 1239

Jarmo Lauronen

Jarmo Lauronen

Head of Business services

+358 44 703 1307

Mari Rautiainen

Mari Rautiainen

Senior Advisor, International Funding

+358 44 703 1370

Ari Saine

Ari Saine

Funding Specialist

+358 44 497 3117