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17.05.2016 klo 12:10

Virtual reality will open new possibilities to renew learning, health care, rehabilitation and much more

Peili Vision develops virtual reality environments and services that are created to help the therapeutist and the client/patient in daily rehabilitation activities.

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17.05.2016 klo 11:23

Test your innovation with 5G

5G test network ( is gradually shifting from technology-driven focus more to applications, and we're offering co-operation for industry partners who want to be early birds for digitized society.

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17.05.2016 klo 10:21

Export/Soft landing at Skolkovo (Moscow, Russia)

Russian Silicon Valley “SKOLKOVO” is pleased to invite LifeScience companies from Finland to become residents of the future Biocity in Moscow, which is being developed in collaboration with Turku Science park.

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17.05.2016 klo 10:15

Life Science in Oulu is Visible

Life science and High-tech come together during DemoDate day.

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10.05.2016 klo 15:15

Maps, shopping assistants and drones - 5GFWD Competition Winners Selected

The 5GFWD competition for innovations utilising superfast, wireless 5G technology attracted a total of nearly 100 competition proposals from all around the world to Oulu, Finland. The expert jury has now selected the winners for all four competition categories.

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