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22.02.2017 klo 08:57

Haltian and Mediracer have started co-operation to speed up Mediracer’s global growth

Haltian and Mediracer have started co-operation: Haltian will be developing Mediracer’s SW usability and user interface for their device application and web service.

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21.02.2017 klo 10:00

Faurecia Ventures Investment Pushes TactoTek Funding Over 20 Million USD Mark

Automotive interiors giant takes equity position in in-mold structural electronics (IMSE) leader

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16.02.2017 klo 12:41

5G Experts will Meet in Oulu in June 2017

Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) hosts the major EuCNC2017 conference on 12-15 June 2017 in Oulu. Sponsored by the European Commission, the 26th EuCNC (European Conference on Networks and Communications) is expected to attract 500 world leaders and global industry experts to the summery...

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16.02.2017 klo 12:19

5G Hackathon solves challenges set by Nokia, Sonera and Oulu University Hospital

Can you go to school in a park through VR glasses after the speed of data transfer is no longer an issue? What will a digital Nokia factory of the future be like? How can superfast mobile technology make people’s hospital visits safer, quicker and more comfortable? 5G can make all this happen – and the Oulu 5GFWD Hackathon challenges the world’s greatest coders and enterprises to crack these challenges and more on June 9–11. The total value of prizes to the winners is more than 25 000 euros.

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15.02.2017 klo 09:41

Here are the 6 most innovative Wearable Technologies companies of 2017

The Innovation World Cup announces the 2017 winners at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference EUROPE 2016 in Munich.

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