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LIKE – New business from circular economy


We help cluster members to find customers and cooperation partners through 1-on-1 introductions, pitching sessions, matchmaking events, delegations trips, and trade shows. We are collaborating with national and international business development organisations, circular clusters, and innovation ecosystems to boost these activities. Interested in co-operation with us? Feel free to contact! 


We match companies with each other and researchers in order to accelerate innovation and development within the cluster. We also match RDI initiatives from our international cooperation partners with the cluster members. Want to hear more about our services? Feel free to contact!


We share circular knowledge and insights related to new circular innovation, financing opportunities, changes in legislation etc. to cluster members. The regular cluster meetings, workshops, trainings, and various events facilitate the sharing of knowledge.

All cluster members have access to a collaboration platform which allows them to interact with each other and access cluster presentations and materials.

LIKE project in short

LIKE Circular Cluster is a new cluster, created and launched with the aid of LIKE project. The aim of the cluster is to help especially SMEs to identify their role in circular economy ecosystems and recognise and solve circular economy challenges. The objective is to find new piloting opportunities for the SMEs, along with new customers, cooperation partners and investors. The project aims to encourage the SMEs toward a more active approach to utilising the versatile RDI expertise in research and education organisations. The project also strengthens the SMEs' skills in circular economy related communications, marketing, and brand building activities.

Project period:
31.5.2021- 31.8.2022.

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