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Wastebook to cooperate with IT Optics in Belgium

Wastebook to cooperate with IT Optics in Belgium

Oulu-based company Wastebook and Belgian IT Optics have announced their partnership, having jointly been selected to supply smart waste management services in Mons, Belgium.

IT Optics specializes in IT solutions for healthcare and logistics, including SAAS solutions for tracing and optimizing logistics flows. Wastebook's expertise lies in providing waste data based on fill-level sensors and cloud service. This collaboration aims to enhance the reliability and efficiency of waste management services in Mons, particularly for glass and public waste collection.

Lorenzo Bassani, CEO of IT Optics, commented on the partnership, emphasizing the synergy between the two companies.

"Joining forces with Wastebook enables us to integrate our logistics expertise with cutting-edge waste management technology. This collaboration is not just about winning a tender; it's about creating a sustainable, efficient waste management system for Mons. Our combined efforts will lead to smarter solutions that benefit both the environment and the community," Bassani says.

Mikko Ahokas, CEO of Wastebook, also shared his perspective.

"Our partnership with IT Optics marks a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize waste management. By combining our sensor technology and data analytics with IT Optics' logistics capabilities, we can offer Mons a more effective waste management solution. This project is a model for how technology and collaboration can lead to better environmental practices and urban management," Ahokas comments.

This partnership between Wastebook and IT Optics reflects a growing trend in combining technology and cross-sector collaboration to address environmental and urban management challenges.

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