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Vision Plus Managing Partner Tero Ojanperä satarts consulting The City of Oulu at BusinessOulu

Vision Plus Managing Partner Tero Ojanperä satarts consulting The City of Oulu at BusinessOulu

Vision+ Fund Press Release 6th November 2012

Vision+ Fund Announces Completion of Investments into 19 Digital Products Totaling 3 Million Euros

Investments include top-level domains, portfolio of games as well as individual games, Internet services and apps.

Helsinki, Nov 6, 2012

- Vision+ Fund today announced that it has completed investments into 19 products totaling 3 million Euros since launch in March 2012. Product investment capital fund Vision+ finances digitally distributed games, applications and Internet services. Vision+ also co-invests in portfolios of games with publishers and developers. Since Vision+ Fund launched in March, it has received more than 500 applications from 29 different countries.

Unlike traditional venture capital funds, Vision+ invests in products on a revenue-share basis, which offers developers and entrepreneurs access to investment without diluting their existing equity value. Vision+ focuses on accelerating the revenue generation of these products and services by providing support and assistance in the areas of sales and marketing, customer acquisition and partnership development.

"Our investment portfolio shows our vision for the next two years and is geared toward important business trends in digital consumables," stated Tero Ojanperä, Managing Partner, Vision+ Fund. "Digitalization impacts every business and is transforming traditional industries," he continued, "and tablets and mobile devices have become dominating platforms that further accelerate these changes."


is a new mobile application that enables users to follow their favorite golfer. It’s targeted at golf enthusiasts who can use the app to follow individual tournaments, tour courses and keep track of the whole golfing season. GREENi is currently being developed by Viherio Technologies, Finland. The GREENi app is based on Viherio’s existing innovative golf tracking and score system for clubs and tournaments. Three new top-level domains ("TLD"): .CITY,

在线 (.online in Chinese) and 中文网 (.website in Chinese) are domains at the highest level of the hierarchical Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet. New Internet top-level domains will create lots of new opportunities for web and mobile services and will increase branding opportunities, especially in China. The new top-level domains will possibly be issued in 2013 after the completion of an ICANN application process.


has developed a turnkey service for environmental online communication that is aimed at the hotel and conferencing industries. Its customers include Best Western in several markets and Kamp Group. With the help of the Ecompter service, businesses can communicate their carbon footprint, environmental actions and results, and motivate guests to contribute towards achieving lower levels of energy and other consumption.

Mike Vick: GameTime

by USA-based KBJ Games is the first 4-on-4 American football gaming experience for the iPhone and iPad. GameTime combines the best in football skills and coaching strategy. Mike Vick is an American football quarterback who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League (NFL). He was named the 2010 NFL Comeback Player of the Year. A multi-platform mobile game

has been developed by Tribeflame, who are based in Finland. It is a fun casual game that offers a host of unique multi-gamer features. The objective of the game is to help a monkey to swing from vine to vine through a jungle environment to collect as many bananas as possible. The developed IP also provides good merchandising and licensing opportunities. Total Recoil

is an old-school arcade shoot-em-up with more explosions per square inch than any other game…ever! It features high-quality 3D gaming environments, great character designs and spectacular animation. Total Recoil is currently being produced and developed by UK based company, Eiconic Games Limited.


is a multi-player, turn-based, predictive game that engages its participants and their Facebook friends during live MLB games. HNH is built on the MOEO platform, which connects fans in different locations (at the game, at home, at a bar, etc.) in a socially interactive way, and is intended to capture both the hard-core fan and a larger casual audience. The game’s developers, MOEO Inc., are based in Los Angeles.

Vision+ Fund is currently financing the development of a portfolio of ten different mobile games together with French independent mobile game developer Mando Productions. The games are all multi-platform and they include both free-to-play and premium monetization models. Mando have successfully brought over 10 games to market, several of which were best sellers. The new games series will be distributed by BulkyPix.

About Vision+ Fund

Vision+ Fund invests in products and receives revenue share using a unique investment model. Instead of financing early stage company development and pure R&D, our aim is to provide financing that can help entrepreneurs and developers to finalize their commercial product, find the right customers and partners, and successfully sell and market their offering. Vision+ is currently constructing a portfolio of investments and is targeted to make 200 product investments within its lifetime.

The products that the Vision+ Fund typically finance:

1. Are digitally distributed

2. Incorporate monetization methods that come from consumers or involve product demand that is consumer driven

3. Are already on the market or will be ready to launch within 1-9 months from the date of investment

4. Are capable of generating instant cash flow after launch

Vision+ handles the initial stages of the financing process on the website.

To apply for financing visit: For more information on Vision+ visit