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This cyclist's paradise of the Oulu region has won over international cycling groups

This cyclist's paradise of the Oulu region has won over international cycling groups

Extensive marketing is increasing Central European cyclists’ interest in the Oulu region. Cycling trails and services are the key to putting the area on the map for the rest of the world. Mountain biking related products and services developed by entrepreneurs are ready.

- The mountain biking trails at Syöte are actually paths; hardly any are forest lorry roads. The terrain varies from old spruce woods on the fell to ridges and slopes between clear ponds, says Juha Kuukasjärvi, active cyclist and manager of Hotelli Iso-Syöte.

What happens when you combine the wild northern nature with its innovative entrepreneurs?

Finnish cyclists already know about the fantastic terrain at Syöte. The area is internationally renowned as a top winter tourist destination, with visitors come from all around the world to admire the snow-draped trees on the peaks of the fell. In the spring, the melting snow reveals some of Finland’s most popular summer cycling trails, which run along needle-lined paths on the fells and ridges. Even to arrivals from the south of Finland, Syöte is a nearby wilderness where bears and wolverines wander through the national park. Many visitors – not to mention international tourists – are surprised by how much Syöte resembles Lapland although it is no higher up north than Oulu.

According to one Swiss visitor, one of Syöte’s pull factors is “elbow room” – you do not need to elbow others to make space for yourself. There is room to breathe and enjoy the peace and quiet at Syöte. The development of off-season services also benefits domestic tourists and local visitors. In three years, Oulu will be the European Capital of Culture, and Syöte will draw visitors from abroad to experience not only the Finnish winter, but also the national park’s fell landscape illuminated by the midnight sun.

Summer at Syöte is guaranteed to attract international tourists, and project funding has been sought for this purpose. Within the framework of the 'Rethinking North – ympärivuotisuus matkailun menestystekijäksi' ("year-round operations as a success factor in tourism") project, the area and ideas are to be extensively marketed in Central Europe.

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