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The world’s northernmost start-up event is open for general public

The world’s northernmost start-up event is open for general public

Start-up festival mixes music with start-ups, investors and notable speakers at Midnight Pitch Fest in Oulu, the Capital of Northern Scandinavia, Finland, August 22-23.

Midnight Pitch Fest is an international 24-hour pitching and start-up festival which aims to bring together over 1000 participants including hundreds of Northern European start-up companies, investors, speakers and students. The event’s impressive agenda consists of notable speakers such as Alf Rehn, Bill Reichert, Sami Kuusela and Tero Ojanperä. The festival takes place at Kuusisaari Island, Oulu, August 22-23.

Midnight Pitch Fest provides something for everybody: for start-ups it is a great chance to get visibility and pitch their ideas in front of wide range of investors and big audience. In addition to catching investors’ attention, the start-ups are competing for best pitches in four categories. Respectively, for the group of international and national investors, the Pitch Fest is an abundant buffet table of innovation as they are able to assess a large number of companies and business ideas at one go. And of course, all attendees get a good opportunity to network with similar-minded people who have great business ideas, ‘can-do’ attitude and guts to follow it through.

The pitching start-ups have just been selected and they represent many business domains (full list of companies is available at The companies are in different phases in their businesses and they have been divided into different categories according to the amount of investments they are looking to raise. In the selection process the committee has put more emphasis on companies, which have strong aspiration to grow with a scalable business model.

Besides the numerous notable Finnish investors, investors and business angels from Moscow, London, Silicon Valley, Stockholm and Oslo are coming to enjoy the atmosphere and check out the start-up buffet feast. “This festival brings an extraordinary group of international investors to Oulu, and thus, this is an excellent chance to promote Northern innovation and attitude. Actually, we feel that this is definitely a beginning for a totally new era in Oulu.” says the manager of the organizing committee, venture finance specialist Ville Heikkinen from BusinessOulu.

The first day of the festival ends with a big party starring acclaimed Finnish rapper Redrama, who has released his latest single together with AJ from Backstreet Boys. Pitch Fest’s second day contains start-up panel discussions dealing with entrepreneurship and funding. The festival will end with an award ceremony where the start-ups with best pitches will be announced to the public.

The festival is open for general public and everyone is welcome to enjoy the pitches, inspiring speakers and entertaining music performed by Redrama and Midnight Pitch Fest house band, Mr. Hyde. Also Oulu’s other big event World Air Guitar Championships will be present at Pitch fest, both in a panel plus in an entertainment act.

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For more information,please contact:

Mr. Ville Heikkinen
Organizing Committee Manager, BusinessOulu
+358 (0)40 750 7517