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The most cool 2-day pitching event with Rock’n’ Roll flavor in Oulu

The most cool 2-day pitching event with Rock’n’ Roll flavor in Oulu

Mark the 22nd and 23rd of August off your calendar, because you should head up to Oulu, Capital of Northern Scandinavia, for their Midnight Pitch Fest, a two day event where they plan to bring together the entrepreneurship scene in Northern Finland, and be an excuse for people in the region to check out whats happening in Oulu's high tech cluster.

Midnight Pitch is shooting for 1000+ attendees, and the tickets are priced to move. Student tickets start at €10, startup tickets run at €40, and regular visitors pay €80. They also offer a €200 VIP ticket, which gives you access to the VIP area and its refreshments, as well as access to the speakers.

Startups are invited to apply to pitch to the list of investors. They have 80 slots available, with 14 VC and private equity firms in attendance and who knows how many angels.

The University of Oulu spits out good technical talent, and a lot of talent has been freed from Nokia, so it will be interesting to see what companies are being started there, and to feel out the vibe. There'll also be a big party as well, with prizes and bands. The Air Guitar world championships are also going on Friday night if you're into that, as well as Time Tunnel during the weekend (a soul, funk, and jazz fest)

When I tell people I used to study up in Oulu, the reaction is usually "Oulu?" But there's a reason a conference with high ambitions is coming together up there, and listen, for better or worse you've met the same startup people over and over again in your hometown, so check out this event. It should be well worth the trip! Midnight Pitch Fest