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Smart waste management in Egypt: Wastebook and KNZ Global partner for pilot

Smart waste management in Egypt: Wastebook and KNZ Global partner for pilot

In the last couple of years, Egypt has taken huge steps in the implementation of modern waste management systems supporting IoT in new fourth-generation cities like New Capital City, Alamein City, and New Borg El Arab City. Egypt is also preparing to host the 27th UN Climate Change Conference CoP27 in November 2022.

This spring, Wastebook from Oulu and KNZ Global have started a cooperation focusing on the Egyptian waste management market. After an initial market research, Wastebook’s Smart Waste Bin app has been translated and tested in Egypt and the preparations for a pilot project on Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology – EJUST university campus – are underway in cooperation with The Confederation of Egyptian-European Business Associations (CEEBA).

“The Egyptian market is a major step in Wastebook’s internationalisation. Egypt offers a perfect target for us: the renewed local waste legislation, the obligation to do separate waste collection, and the reuse of material makes the market attractive,” says Wastebook’s CEO Mikko Ahokas.
The project is to be piloted in the EJUST university’s dorm with first phase capacity (one year) of 20 buildings and 320 household students.

“With the current rising inflation and scarcity of resources, Egyptian cities are able to be smarter, more resource-efficient, and resource-saving by utilising technology and innovation to enhance current systems. The amount of waste created is enormous and rising quickly as a result of the expanding population. Therefore, one key area that requires urgent improvement is how to handle the growing amounts of waste,” says KNZ Global’s presentative Heba Saeed.

KNZ Global is a newly established startup offering green and sustainable solutions. Its main objective is the optimum use of resources and to maintain green areas. This project serves as a road map for building resilient, green infrastructure and an education hub for climate change and sustainability.

Wastebook Ltd. is an ICT company founded in 2019 in Oulu. The company’s business is the digitalisation of waste management based on sensor technology, cloud services, data analytics, and mobile application. The region of Oulu currently has one of the world's largest single networks of smart waste bins.

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