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Sitema and Wind Controller start cooperation

Sitema and Wind Controller start cooperation

Oulu-based companies Sitema Oy and Wind Controller JV Oy have entered into a cooperation agreement on the construction and supervision services of wind farms. The purpose of the cooperation is to complement the services offered by both companies to provide a more comprehensive coverage of work site supervision, delivery inspections and other expert services needed by wind power developers during the construction of wind farms.

Sitema Oy's expertise are wind farm BoP construction works, ie roads and hardstands, turbine foundations, internal grid and substation, as well as new power line needed by the wind farm. On the other hand, the expertise of the Wind Controller are the turbines themselves, that is, the control of turbine deliveries and erection works during construction, as well as the acceptance inspections, but also the operation and various in-service inspections of turbines and wind farms.

“It’s always easier for the developer and more clear project management wise if the supervision and expert services for the construction phase can be procured in one contract and cover all areas. By combining the know-how and experience of Sitema and Wind Controller, the developer can be guaranteed a comprehensive and competent service to complete the construction phases.”

Both companies will continue to operate independently on the former model; Sitema providing services for beginning phases of wind farm projects and Wind Controller for operational phase of the wind farms.

“Services will continue to be customized according to customer and project specific needs. However, combining companies resources and know-how in the construction phase will support the growth of both companies and simplify the resource and responsibilities for the developer."

For more information and contact:

Matti Lasanen +358 40 169 5525, Sitema Oy

Kari Koivikko +358 40 0162040, Wind Controller JV Oy

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