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Rudy the Rummage Crow gives advice on sorting waste

Rudy the Rummage Crow gives advice on sorting waste

18th of Oulu’s ‘100 Acts’: Oulu Waste Management’s mascot, Rudy the Rummage Crow

Rudy the Rummage Crow, a character used in Oulu Waste Management’s communications and marketing, has been selected as the 18th of Oulu’s ‘100 Acts’. Rudy has been used in Oulu Waste Management’s communications for 15 years, and the character features in all marketing and communications materials. Rudy also visits events and nursery schools to spread the word about the importance of recycling.

“Rudy has been on the cover of our waste guide since 1997. The first Rudy costume was made in 2000. Many people have borrowed the costume for various events, such as waste collection campaigns and other events related to the environment,” says Lea Ansamaa, spokeswoman of Oulu Waste Management and the driving force behind Rudy the Rummage Crow.

Rudy the Rummage Crow answers questions on Facebook, too

The origins of Rudy’s Finnish name Oiva Roina go back to the 1997 waste guide, in which Oulu residents were asked to suggest a name for the character. Rudy has been an excellent communications tool, as she is very easy to approach in recycling-related problems. Rudy can be found on Facebook, where she actively discusses waste and environmental issues with over 1700 friends.

On Facebook, Rudy is thought of as a nice friend who Oulu residents of all ages find easy to approach. The waste advice offered by Oulu Waste Management and Rudy focuses on young age groups, as this is the most effective approach and produces the most benefits in relation to input within a short time. In addition to waste advice, people also ask Rudy about her favourite books and movies, and she is also happy to reply to these questions. Last year, Rudy answered well over 100 waste-related questions on Facebook.

Oulu Waste Management hires crow

Rudy is so popular that Oulu Waste Management has hired someone for the summer to portray the crow. Ansamaa, who has previously portrayed the crow, did not have time to carry out the role of Rudy this spring. Elina Saloranta, who is studying to be a teacher, is happy to be the only crow employed in Finland. Saloranta says that the job feels right for her, as she has previously worked at an environmental learning centre, and she is also studying environmental education.

The nursery school visits last for around half an hour, during which time the children get to sort waste into the right containers with Rudy. Finally, Rudy gives the children a small keepsake to remind them of her visit. Rudy’s visits provide waste advice for free.
One nursery school pupil said at home after a visit: “We don’t put glass with the mixed waste because Rudy doesn’t either.” And since then the family has sorted its waste carefully.

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Lea Ansamaa, spokeswoman lea.ansamaa(at)

Rudy the Rummage Crow on Facebook:!/oiva.roina