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Record-Breaking September in Oulu Tourism: Accommodation Sales Surpass 4 Million Euros

Record-Breaking September in Oulu Tourism: Accommodation Sales Surpass 4 Million Euros

According to the latest tourism statistics, September 2023 was an exceptionally good month for tourism in Oulu. The registered accommodation sales in Oulu in September reached 4.2 million euros, representing up to a seven percent growth compared to September 2022.

Accommodation sales were the highest in the entire measurement history for the same period in previous years, surpassing the 4 million euro mark for the first time.

In total, the accommodation sales for the entire year from January to September increased by over 14% from the previous year to 35.3 million euros.

The growth in overnight stays also indicates Oulu's strengthening position as an attractive travel destination. In September 2023, Oulu recorded a total of 51,600 registered overnight stays, which represents a two percent increase compared to the previous year's September. Particularly, the number of leisure travellers increased by over 9% from January to September, raising the share of leisure travel in all of Oulu's overnight stays to nearly 62 percent.

Summary of Oulu Tourism Statistics, September 2023:

• Accommodation sales increased by seven percent compared to 2022.
• Overnight stays increased by two percent compared to the previous year.
• German tourists are the largest group of international visitors.
• The number of international tourists increased by seven percent in September.
• The number of air passengers decreased by 35 percent in September.

While the challenging economic situation has an impact on tourism, the expectations for the upcoming winter, especially in terms of international tourism, remain cautiously positive. This is also supported by the direct route flight from Oulu to Munich, Germany, starting in December.