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Oulu based company to collaborate with the telecommunications giant, Deutsche Telekom

Oulu based company to collaborate with the telecommunications giant, Deutsche Telekom

German telecom company, Telekom Deutschland GmbH, and Oulu headquartered Lewel Group have signed a co‐operation contract. The objective of the contract is to develop in cooperation Machine‐to‐Machine (M2M) solutions for Telekom Deutschland’s existing and new customers.

Machine‐to‐Machine communication denotes the automated exchange of information between terminal equipment such as machines, vehicles and containers or with a central control center. M2M solutions can be used in any sector of the economy to rationalize workflows or tap into new revenue streams. It enables processes to be improved and simplified. M2M also allows users to remotely monitor whether machines are in working order and permits seamless monitoring of processes, such
as delivery of parcels (tracking) or frozen food (proof of an uninterrupted cold chain). The agreement between Lewel Group Finland Oy and Telekom Deutschland GmbH also includes expansion of joint services providing and developing new business and sales models.

Lewel Group is, among other fields of high‐tech industry, an R&D services provider for wireless technologies. The signed contract provides the potential for both companies to develop their products and services, supporting a common growth strategy.

Lewel Group CEO, Jukka Kangas estimates that this agreement is a huge opening for the Finnish based company. – “Our competence and expertise is trusted in Germany. Our prior experience in collaboration with the largest, global product companies is highly valued. Telekom Deutschland is an excellent collaboration partner for us.” Kangas reminds that the growth potential under the contract is huge, as the mother company, Deutsche Telekom’s business is global. The company is operating in 50 countries.

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