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Northern dimension extends real investments at MIPIM

Northern dimension extends real investments at MIPIM

Finnish City of Oulu and Norwegian Troms County promotes together Northern Scandinavian Investment opportunities in MIPIM, in the leading real estate event for property professionals.

CANNES, FRANCE, March 11-14, 2014, Finnish City of Oulu, the Capital of Northern Scandinavia, will highlight several real estate investment possibilities and present their major projects.

The number of investments is increasing in Northern Scandinavia, the investment boom being especially focused on construction, mining, logistics, energy industry, tourism and creative sector. By 2020, €100 billion will be invested in the Nordic and Barents Region as a whole and investments exclusively made in Northern Finland are estimated to be €20 billion by 2020.

Oulu, with its partners and companies, is an excellent gateway to northern investments.

Oulu is Finland’s fastest growing city, it’s an international and full of opportunities. Major business and development projects are currently underway in the region, and confidence in Oulu’s growth is stronger than ever. Several development projects will bring investment opportunities worth €300-400 million to the Oulu city center area.

Invest in your future in the Capital of Northern Scandinavia – Oulu, Finland. Oulu has the best city concept and innovation hub for logistics gateway, modern technology and dynamic industries. Oulu values education, research and innovation which contribute to these dynamics.

Situated in one of the northernmost large cities in the world, Oulu was twice nominated in the Top 7, in 2012 and 2013, in the ICF competition to name the Most Intelligent City in the World. Oulu’s citizens are highly educated and are also the youngest in Europe.

The most significant development projects in Oulu are:

  • Oulu City Center – A meeting point for commerce, urban lifestyle and culture
  • Oulu Health – Home of the future hospital and general health
  • Arctic Smart City – A sustainable frontrunner of smart cities

Oulu city center comprises three districts, and the development project includes measures such as constructing an underground parking space and a modern shopping center. Oulu focuses on quality construction and the Oulu city center is developing towards big city look. The underground parking facilities alone will bring €300 million worth of private investment opportunities to the city center. The shopping area available for business will be approx. 13,000 square meters. Oulu is developing congress services and tourism activities. Nallikari resort and the beach is only 3 km from the city center and is one of the most attractive tourist resorts in Northern Scandinavia. The Nallikari development plan includes opportunities for tourism investments of up to €100 million.

OuluHealth is an ecosystem that consolidates the health and ICT expertise in Oulu into health intelligence. The Life Science field is growing rapidly and will, in the future, become the strongest industry in the Oulu region.

Environmental technology, i.e. Cleantech, is one of the most rapidly growing industries globally. The Arctic Smart City (Hiukkavaara) pilot region, a smart residential environment for 20,000 residents and 40,000 customers, is currently under construction.
About Oulu: Oulu, the Capital of Northern Scandinavia, is the logistic centre for the North, powerhouse of the northern cooperation and the largest population center in Northern Scandinavia. It's also Europe's most intelligent community and the leading ICT cluster in Northern Europe. Oulu was ranked among the top7 finalists and the number 1 European city out of 364 worldwide entrants in the prestigious Intelligent Communities of the World 2012 competition.

BusinessOulu is responsible for implementing the city's industry policies, promoting investment opportunities and providing companies with development services according to the principles outlined by the City Council and City Board. BusinessOulu aims at creating a business climate that supports entrepreneurship and boosts the creation, operation, growth and competitiveness of businesses, which will, consequently, enhance the employment situation. BusinessOulu promotes the internationalisation of local companies and handles the international business marketing of Oulu, the Capital of Northern Scandinavia.

Cor Group OY/Ltd brings the Health City –concept in MIPIM. Health City is a campus like area that combines housing, services and business activities.

Hartela is a privately-owned Finnish construction company, which core areas are Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Lahti and Oulu. The company also has offices in St Petersburg and Moscow. In northern Finland, Hartela Group’s work is carried out by the independent subsidiary Hartela-Forum Oy, which is one of the region’s largest construction companies in the sector. Hartela-Forum’s core competencies include regional development, customer-oriented housing development and the development of individual premises.