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LLGA - Cities Pilot the Future paves the way to global markets

LLGA - Cities Pilot the Future paves the way to global markets

Oulu participates in the international LLGA – Cities Pilot the Future innovation program. The LLGA collaboration provides the Oulu based companies, as well as educational and research faculties the opportunity to participate in the innovation challenges created by the 21 international cities in the program.

The key idea for the LLGA problem solving is to seek solutions globally. This in turn, provides the Oulu participants an excellent platform to market and pilot one’s own products and solutions in an international scale.

All the 21 LLGA2012 innovation challenges are publicly launched at the LLGA website . For instance, these include initiatives from UK, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil to solve issues in energy, health and wellbeing sectors.

The solution proposals for selected challenges must be submitted via internet by the end of January in 2013.

Also Oulu has presented an innovation opportunity in the LLGA2013 call. The Oulu Museum of Art, Northern Ostrobothnia Museum and the Science Center Tietomaa have set goals regarding future development and now hope to find new ideas from the international participants. The City of Oulu aims to find new and innovative ways for museum and science center visitors to experience, find knowledge, hunt the past and imagine the future. Naturally, also participants from Oulu can submit local solutions.

Additional information:

Anne Rännäli-Kontturi
International Affairs Manager
Oulun kaupunki / City of Oulu
tel. +358 44 7031316

Petri Karinen
Senior Advisor, International Business Development
tel. +358 44 703 1360