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Finland’s first DIY fibre-optic broadband network!

Finland’s first DIY fibre-optic broadband network!


A fixed, fibre-optic broadband connection allows reliable high-speed television and internet services to be provided now and for many years to come. In new residential areas, fibre-optic broadband connections are already standard in every home, while in older areas they are a rarity. Luckily, you can build one yourself! At least you can if you share the active approach and community spirit of the network co-operative OLKA (Oulunseudun Laajakaista).

The residents of Oulunsalo’s Pitkäkangas district were frustrated with the local telecommunications company’s reluctance to build a modern fibre-optic connection in a well-established district of detached housing. The residents decided instead to build their own fibre-optic network! A co-operative was founded for the project, which took care of building the network and will be responsible for the future maintenance. The first phase of building the network was a success, and an expansion is already being planned.

Communal voluntary work for the common good

The residents of Oulunsalo’s Pitkäkangas district have largely built the fibre-optic network themselves. External help was used in the planning work, excavator contracting and optical-fibre welding. However, much of the work was carried out independently, and up to 20 active members of the co-operative were involved in weekend work.

OLKA is a co-operative in the purest sense of the word, as voluntary action has genuinely led to something good for the community. Participants in the work benefit from additional savings, as the co-operative offers a high-speed 100/100 mbps connection at cost price, around half the price of competing players in the city region.

Network will be expanded according to demand

In the first phase of building the fibre-optic network, nearly half of the properties in the pilot area were connected to it. In summer 2012, OLKA will expand its network to cover most of Oulunsalo and the Vihiluoto region in Kempele. Finland’s first self-financed fibre-optic network has been received with a great deal of interest. In the future, operations will be expanded to other parts of Oulu and to neighbouring municipalities based on demand.

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