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Finland – Russia Call for Proposals for Joint R&D&I Projects

Finland – Russia Call for Proposals for Joint R&D&I Projects

Submission by February 17th, 2017

1. Scope

Finland and Russia are jointly announcing the 7th Call for Proposals for joint R&D&I projects for SME companies in
Finland and in Russia. Proposals should be related to the development of new products or services – all technological
sectors and services are welcome – which are innovative and fulfill an expressed market need.

The main objective of this Call is to launch projects with joint participation from the two countries and provide
R&D&I funding to qualifying participants through the national programs managed by respective: FASIE, the
Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Russia and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for
Innovation in Finland. and

This Call is announced within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between FASIE and Tekes
on 3rd June, 2014.

2. Obligatory requirements for the submitted proposals

Expected project results will have to contribute to new products or services, the base and plans for joint venture,
access to the new market for both companies etc. The proposals should comply with the following guidelines:

a. The partners should include one Russian small innovative company and one Finnish SME company. Participation
of research institutes/universities is welcome as additional participants or subcontractors according to each
country’s funding regulations.

b. Finland: the consolidated staff number of eligible enterprises must be less than 250 persons and which have an
annual turnover not exceeding 50 million euro, and/or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding 43 million
euro. Enterprises with more than 250 staff members interested in a joint R&D&I project with a Russian entity are
requested to contact the persons in charge of the programme

c. Russia: eligible enterprises should comply with the Federal Law on Small Enterprises (Federal Laws 209 and 217
and respective instructions of the Russian Government)

d. The project should have an obvious advantage and added value resulting from the cooperation between the
participants from the two countries (e.g. commercial leads, access to R&D infrastructure etc.)

e. The projects should demonstrate the contribution of the participants from both countries.

3. Call for Proposals

The Call for proposals is launched on October 17th, 2016. The Call invites partners to present joint proposals for
R&D&I projects by February 17th, 2017. Tentatively, those projects, which will be selected by Tekes and FASIE for
funding, can start in July-August, 2017.

The eligible consortia complying to the conditions of Part 2 (a-c) should provide their proposals to both funding
organizations, namely:

1) Finnish applicants should provide Tekes funding application on the web site of Tekes
( and Project Implementation Plan electronically to their respective Project
coordinator (see section 5) in Finnish or English language.

2) Russian applicants should fill in the electronic application form in the online submission tool at

Only proposals received by both FASIE and Tekes by February 17th, 2017 will be considered eligible. Applicants failing
to file one of the proposal application forms will also be considered non-eligible.

The received proposals will be screened and evaluated by the joint appraisal committee of FASIE and Tekes. Results
will be notified to the companies no later than May 17th, 2017.

FASIE and Tekes will provide the submission guidelines and timetable to the project partners who’s proposals have
been selected.

4. Financing

Projects, for which financing requests have been accepted, shall benefit in Finland from a grant, which can be up to
50% of eligible costs and up to 200 000 euros (Tekes financing) and in Russia up to 15 million rubles (FASIE financing),
with a condition to provide co-financing at the amount of requested sum. Each country will be applying in
accordance with its current regulations and procedures.

Project promoters are invited to contact the persons in charge of the program for more details on financing and
reimbursement modalities.

5. Program coordinators

Information for Finnish companies:
Tekes: Ms. Sari Federley +358 400 359 222, e-mail:
Information for Russian companies:
FASIE: Ms. Olga Levchenko +7 (495) 231 3851, e-mail: