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Arctic Security and Rugged Tooling Announce Partnership

Arctic Security and Rugged Tooling Announce Partnership

Two Oulu-based companies, cyber security company Arctic Security and Rugged Tooling, a company focusing on securing large-scale communication networks, announce partnership to create integrated cyber security solutions that help organisations reduce the time to detect and react to cyber threats.

The new partnership leverages the expertise of both companies. Rugged Tooling provides the PreScope SE1 sensor for monitoring Internet traffic at company level. The sensor uses the threat information provided by an Arctic Security software product called Arctic Node. Whenever the sensor indicates malware URLs or criminal command and control servers in company traffic it sends a signal to the Node which can alert the company cyber security officer on the suspicious traffic immediately. This new integrated solution offers companies and other entities an easy-to-use way to organise and utilise their knowledge of cyber threats, and thus, increase their level of cyber security.

"Our mission at Arctic Security is to get companies and authorities organised into a defence cell based network that spreads information on cyber threat intelligence in a timely and automated manner. Integrating sensors like PreScope in Arctic Node is the next logical step as now we can not only provide companies with the information on the threats they are facing but also offer them tools to get alerted on malicious internet traffic,” says David Chartier, CEO at Arctic Security.

Petri Ylläsjärvi, CEO of Rugged Tooling adds: “Our intelligent PreScope® sensors make detection of threats and related data flows fast and easy. Their wide integration possibilities and adaptive filtering make them a perfect solution for feeding advanced Threat Intelligence platforms, such as the Arctic Node. Our joint offering will enable organisations to detect security risks in their entire network with a very attractive total cost of ownership model.”

About Arctic Security

Arctic Security is a company based in Oulu and Helsinki with offices in San Francisco and Singapore. The company’s devoted team is composed of international experts with extensive knowledge and experience in working in the cyber threat intelligence industry. The organisation is led by CEO David Chartier, a long-term cyber security professional with high achievements in industry direction.

Contact Arctic Security Oy

CEO David Chartier
+1 415 699 4151

About Rugged Tooling

Rugged Tooling solutions are globally used for securing the communication networks essential for the modern society. The solutions are designed to meet the needs of large networks with ever-increasing data rates efficiently and with precision. The roots of the company expertise are in the high tech environment of Oulu.

Contact Rugged Tooling
+358 40 4178777 / Hannu Saarenpaa