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A successful Oulu showcase at Slush 2017

A successful Oulu showcase at Slush 2017

The home of the 5G network technology is in Oulu, northern Finland, and Oulu brought a genuine 5G experience to Slush 2017 for the international tech community to see and feel. The 5G experience was created by the unique Oulu ecosystem: Centre for Wireless Communications from the University of Oulu, BusinessOulu, and five Oulu enterprises at a joint stand.

At the Oulu stand, it was possible to experience the power and speed of 5G through virtual and augmented reality. The demo showcased how 5G enables remote presence and interaction with the surrounding world via sensors.

”We created a virtual reality experience where the Slush audience got to take a live peek into the future from a 360° perspective through VR glasses and tablets. Most importantly, this allowed them to see the opportunities of their own technology and business in the horizon,” says Olli Liinamaa, Program Director of the 5G Test Network at the University of Oulu. The frontrunners and experts from Oulu were there also to spar the stand visitors’ own innovations.

The participating enterprises constructed a modern experience around smart wearables, mobile sensors and content projected onto smart foil.

BusinessOulu participated in Slush for the second time with a joint stand where Oulu region’s stellar ICT and IoT know-how was presented. Flexbright manufactures printed LED foil, Haltian produces tailored IoT solutions, Koukoi Games is a remarkable game studio with a Hollywood license deal, ROHM Semiconductor is an electrical component manufacturer originating from Japan, and Weela is an intelligent mobile training system.

”It is a short trip from Slush to Oulu, where we currently have the only open 5G test network: 5GTN. We welcome companies from all over the world into the core of 5G co-creation to develop wireless technology with us by means of world-class research,” Liinamaa concludes in invitation.

Slush is Europe’s most significant startup and technology event, held this year on 30 November – 1 December. What was originally a startup fair of just a few hundred people is now a phenomenal event covering four countries. Slush has grown into one of the major events in its field in the world. The event is organised by a non-profit community comprising entrepreneurs, investors, students and the event coordinators themselves. More than 2,000 volunteers are also involved in the arrangements.