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28th of Oulu's '100 Acts: Health Centre Hukka - The only Finnish name on the list of an international study

28th of Oulu's '100 Acts:  Health Centre Hukka - The only Finnish name on the list of an international study

Among the many things that Oulu’s know-how is top class in, its enthusiasm for group exercise deserves special mention. In an international study on the activity rate of people who are into group exercise, Health Club Hukka from Oulu was the only Finnish entry to make it on the list. Good physical fitness improves quality of life and helps us to cope better, so this particular Oulu action should keep on giving for a long time!

A total of 1,072 health clubs from around the world took part in the study. On the list of big fitness centers, Hukka was the tenth most active in the world and third most active in Europe in 2011. This year, the activity of its club members has further increased, making Hukka the second most active big fitness center in Europe! No wonder its members’ activity and the versatility of the health center itself is getting heaps of praise in international studies and at congresses in the field.

The infectious charm of group exercise

Hukka exercises thousands of people in Oulu. ”Our ranking in the study is all thanks to our customers. They want to come to Hukka for exercise and also encourage their friends to do the same,” says Anna Rounaja from Hukka. The health center is a local family-owned business that has encouraged the residents of Oulu to exercise for almost 40 years now.

”Hukka’s members have a passion for group exercise. At Hukka, nobody’s left alone. A great group spirit encourages all members to get up and exercise. Our members are also committed to us, and we’re quick to respond to their wishes when it comes to developing our operations,” Rounaja says.

The health center’s 14,000 square meters of indoor facilities guarantee that there is ample opportunity to get bitten by the exercise bug. Hukka is especially focused on group exercise, which provides new experiences, social interaction, and improves emotional well-being.

”We save a lot of society’s funds by encouraging people to exercise as actively as possible. A large number of Ouluans are in better physical shape because of exercise,” Anna Rounaja reminds us.

The study was carried out by Les Mills, which is known for its popular concept classes, which include, among others,. BodyPump, BodyJam and BodyCombat. Les Mills actively monitors the numbers of participants in its classes and carries out an annual study on the activity rate of people taking part in group exercises.

For more information, please contact: Anna Rounaja, tel. +358 405600720

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