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The City of Oulu is asking for ideas to develop Oulu Museum and Science Center’s exhibitions

Julkaistu 10.04.2013

The City of Oulu is asking for ideas to help it develop Oulu Museum and Science Center’s exhibitions to encourage visitor engagement through technology in a more user friendly and experience-rich direction

Oulu Museum and Science Center is looking for solutions to encourage visitor engagement through technology to improve the future communication of customer-friendly information. For example, we are asking the following question to both the residents and companies in Oulu region: What would make the exhibitions in the Oulu Museum and Science Center even more memorable and user friendly experience? The opinions of citizens, customers and companies are collected through the Patiolla online service.

The City of Oulu is taking part in the international LLGA2013 | Cities Pilot the Future challenge competition which received 24 solution proposals from companies all over the world. Oulu’s competition jury, chaired by deputy mayor Piia Rantala-Korhonen, chose the five best proposals out of the 24 submitted, and now we ask residents and companies to comment on them and develop them further.

The companies in Oulu region are being asked which solution they could provide the most expertise for. By participating in the discussion through the service, the companies can present their products and services in which they have knowledge and expertise that would match the proposed solutions. The online survey is open until 12 April 2013 and the results can be viewed on 17 April 2013. Participants have the chance to win tickets to the Oulu Museum and Science Center.

The Oulu Museum of Art, Northern Ostrobothnia Museum and the Science Center Tietomaa have formed as one united organization as of January 1, 2013. The core operations of the Oulu Museums and Science Center include exhibition and event production as well as collection and cultural heritage work. The goal of this new organization is to establish an exhibition and event center in the Myllytulli region that will then be developed into the cultural core of the future Oulu as well as a fascinating tourist attraction. It will offer it all: history, art, natural sciences and technology. Work with the public will be focused on functionality and interaction.

State-of-the-art technology will be utilized to create learning environments that are rich in experiences. Through a worldwide network, Oulu is now looking for new innovations in order to offer new content in an even more customer-oriented way than before. NFC technology and 3D virtualization as well as augmented reality offer new possibilities for sharing information with customers on the exhibition objects, services and the surrounding area and its history.


Through the link, companies in the area can assess the presented proposal for which they have the most expertise and professional competence to offer.

Through the link you can get to know all the solutions presented to the challenges facing participating cities.

For further information, please contact:

Olli Rantala, City of Oulu, Head of Planning, Education and Culture,
+358 44 703 7559

Oulu and 21 global cities announce the commitment made by 120 innovators to solve their urban and social challenges (pdf)