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Finland offers best offshore wind power potential in Baltic Sea Region

Julkaistu 02.04.2013

The shallow waters and high wind speeds on Finland’s coastline are ideal for wind power generation.

Finland has by far the greatest potential for the development of offshore wind power in the Baltic Sea region, according to a study by Baltic Sea Region Energy Co-operation (BASREC). From the 99 most favourable areas for offshore wind power generation identified by the report, 66 are located in Finland.

The study ranks possible offshore wind farm locations according to wind speed, water depth and distance to the shore. According to the study, Finland’s “golden areas” benefit from shallow waters and high wind speeds.

North Finland has highest capacity

North Finland on the Gulf of Bothnia coast has the highest wind power capacity in the Baltic Sea region with 31,200 MW, followed by South Finland with 27,400 MW. Central Finland has a capacity of 11,100 MW and and South-east Finland 2000 MW.

BASREC’s main objective is to promote sustainable growth, security and prosperity in the region and supports therefore the creation of competitive, efficient and well-functioning energy markets. The study has been commissioned to serve as a key input for strategic actions to promote offshore wind power in the Baltic Sea Region during the coming years. The study was carried out by GL Garrad Hassan ja Deloitte.

Source: BASREC