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Oulu continues to be the most intelligent community in Europe - Riverside California USA is most intelligent city in the world 2012

Julkaistu 08.06.2012

For the City of Oulu and the regional economy, being the most intelligent community in Europe in 2012 and in the Top Seven globally by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) has been a great success.

Being nominated as the most intelligent community in Europe has been a great success for the City of Oulu and the regional economy.

Oulu’s notable success is due to the persistent and focused efforts in the community over the years. For decades now, there’s been a strong tradition of doing things together and the public-private-people cooperation models have resulted in multiple technological advancements in all walks of life. Furthermore, the ICF nomination enhances the strong image Oulu has and makes it easier for the local companies to build credible marketing messages globally.

During the ICF summit in New York this week, Oulu showcased ten top startups at the Consulate General of Finland in an event organized by BusinessOulu. These new companies looking for investments characterize the impressive attitude BusinessOulu has when supporting the local companies, especially now that the European economy is facing grave challenges in many of the more traditional industries. The strong foundation on what Oulu’s overall success was built is solid, and Oulu deservedly calls itself the Capital of Northern Scandinavia.

The mayor of Oulu, Matti Pennanen emphasized in his speech at the ICF finals, how the Oulu’s economic climate has always been quick to react despite the challenges ahead. Oulu will continue to invest in the future and, especially, research and development will be the key areas of focus. The future looks bright as the population is highly educated and young (on average 34,5 yrs). Altogether, there are over 200 000 people living in Oulu, in the smartest city in Europe.

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