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Haltian and Mediracer have started co-operation to speed up Mediracer’s global growth

Julkaistu 22.02.2017

Haltian and Mediracer have started co-operation: Haltian will be developing Mediracer’s SW usability and user interface for their device application and web service.

Mediracer specializes in point of care products in clinical neurophysiology and the Mediracer® NCS handheld nerve conduction study device has been in the market since 2005, mainly within the primary care sector in Finland and the UK. To boost the growth in the current market area of Japan and to gain further growth globally, Mediracer is seeking to widen up their customer segmentation towards more specialized health care e.g. in orthopedics, sports medicine, physiatric rehabilitation and internal medicine. To help Mediracer in these pursuits, Haltian will be developing and renewing the scalability of the Mediracer SW.

Haltian has wide expertise also in developing SW platforms and sensor devices in a user-friendly and cost effective manner. Thus, the co-operation can easily be extended to the HW side in the near future.

Additional information:
Haltian: Heini Tuorila, +358 40 7096512,
Mediracer: Katja Findlay, +358 45 165 6710,

Haltian in Brief: Haltian is a Finnish design and engineering company that brings challenging new wireless and IoT products from initial design to reality within the market. Haltian has a unique and talented team of more than 80 top engineers, who are skilled at taking the most complex ideas and turning them into premium designs. Haltian has also developed Internet of Things platforms under the Thingsee brand. The company was founded in 2012 and is now one of the fastest growing companies in Northern Finland. For more information, visit

Mediracer in Brief: Mediracer specializes in point of care products in clinical neurophysiology. Its handheld nerve conduction system helps medical doctors with diagnosing of carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnaris nerve entrapment in the elbow at an early stage of the treatment path, contributing to reduce medical and sickness absence costs by enabling the right kind of treatment for patients. Mediracer’s multidisciplinary team of experts includes internationally recognized medical specialists, biomedical engineers, software engineers and business professionals. Mediracer is part of Head Invest Group. For more information, visit