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End of snoring – QuietOn brings super small and soft active noise cancelling earplugs

Julkaistu 13.03.2018

Oulu-based QuietOn Ltd. has finally vanquished the spectre of unpleasant snoring sounds with QuietOn Sleep. The company developed soft and small active noise cancelling earplugs that are especially optimised for sleeping and cancelling snoring noise.

The company’s cutting-edge developments in active noise cancelling earplugs have resulted in a product that is both small and comfortable – perfectly optimised for sleeping next to a noisy snorer.

QuietOn Sleep will be launched at the Wearable Technology Show 2018 in London on March 13th. Exhibition attendees will have the chance to test the device first hand. QuietOn Sleep’s presales will start simultaneously on Indiegogo crowdfunding website.

QuietOn’s target was to design a perfect sleeping product, one where performance meets comfortability.

“After analysing the ear’s anatomy with the intention of finding a universally perfect design for sleeping, we came to the conclusion that the ideal way to create a comfortable earplug is to focus on size reduction and softness of material. We expended a huge effort to miniaturise the signal processing on a scale never seen before, without compromises to the performance,” says inventor Janne Kyllönen.

QuietOn Sleep’s noise cancelling technology is designed for snoring frequencies and low bandwidth noise coming through walls. Until now, these frequencies have been nearly impossible for any other earplugs to block. QuietOn Sleep is a unique solution as it creates silence in comparison to common noise masking devices that struggle to hide snoring by generating additional noise.

The device ensures comfort for side sleepers, with changeable soft cushions around the earplugs and variable sizes for ear tips. QuietOn Sleep can also be switched to hearing mode. Twenty hours of battery life can be reached on approximately one hour’s charging time. QuietOn Sleep is so small that 21 units fit easily on the area of a credit card. QuietOn Sleep is delivered in a carry box that also functions as a charger, powered by a regular micro USB cable.

QuietOn Ltd. is a technology company based in Oulu, Finland, and established in April 2015. The company’s technology heritage is from Nokia. The company develops and produces its own, patented electronic earplugs that utilise active noise cancellation technology. QuietOn’s earplugs have been especially successful among frequent travellers and they are sold around the world on major airlines.

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