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Cases – most remarkable ongoing investments in a nutshell

Julkaistu 02.03.2017

Photo: Bittium Oy’s under-constuction headquarters CREDIT: Arkkitehtitoimisto Kanttia2

Capital of Northern Scandinavia Oulu wants to present its most significant ongoing constructions. High technology success Bittium Corporation invested in its headquarters, newspaper Kaleva moves back to city centre, and the seaside construction site Lipporanta represents a new type of residential area.

Communications and connectivity solutions provider Bittium’s headquarters have workspaces that double as multi-use offices, that optimizes space utilization and improve wellbeing at work. This spatial design ensures a high utilization rate and employees are able to freely choose the workspace best suited for their current tasks. The building also boasts high-level data security solutions.

The record-breaking amount of issued construction permit squares for 2016 foretells both housing production and active commercial construction for the current year.

Pohjola’s private hospital (7,000 m2) will be completed in Spring. “OP Financial Group has vast experience as a national real estate developer. We specifically want to thank the City of Oulu for an exceptionally smooth permit process, which enabled a great start for the project. Oulu is an interesting location from a real estate investment point-of-view, and we are starting new construction in the area in the near future”, says Markku Mäkiaho from OP Property Management Ltd (source:

Media corporation Kaleva’s new office building (4,000 m2), and Bittium Corporation’s headquarters (8,300 m2) are also under construction.

Photo: The facade of Kaleva’s new headquarters utilises LED technology. It enables broadcasting live newsfeed outdoors CREDIT: Arkkitehtitoimisto Vauhtiviiva Oy

The construction on Kaleva’s office building began in August 2016. Kaleva enterprises has invested significantly in recent years, e.g. in 2012 the company acquired a new printing house along with a printing press (44 MEUR). Kaleva’s editorial staff and digital business unit start in the new headquarters during this year. You can study the building’s 3D model at

Photo: Illustration from Lipporanta CREDIT Health City Finland

Lipporanta residential area (41,000 km2), which represents a new type of living, is being constructed by the sea, with privately owned houses and rented apartments, along with sheltered housing, office premises for companies, and a wellbeing centre. The residents can use various communal areas – like lobbies, meeting and party venues, playrooms, gym and sauna. At Lipporanta, the premises and services support residents in leading a healthy, active life, and communal association.Lipporanta Stage I will be completed at the turn of 2018-2019. The project is a pilot project for COR-Group’s Health City Finland. The company’s goal is to create a chain spreading into several cities to oversee similar projects being executed in the near future.