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Capital of Northern Scandinavia, the City of Oulu joins 20 Global Cities with a Commitment to Implementing Innovations to Improve the Lives of 121 million Citizens

Julkaistu 19.11.2012

Capital of Northern Scandinavia, the City of Oulu joins 20 Global Cities with a Commitment to Implementing Innovations to Improve the Lives of 121 million Citizens


Anne Rännäli-Kontturi, yhteyspäällikkö/ International Affairs Manager Oulun kaupunki/ City of Oulu, tel. +358 44 7031316 anne.rannali(at)

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Oulu, 19 November 2012: Today, Finnish City of Oulu, twenty global cities and announce the LLGA|Cities Pilot the Future program to discover and implement the most promising solutions that meet pressing social and urban challenges. Over the coming 18 months, the initiative will evaluate around 1,000 submissions and implement real-life pilots in all partner cities to improve the quality of life of their 121 million citizens.

The Oulu Museum of Art, Northern Ostrobothnia Museum and the Science Center Tietomaa will form one united organization as of 1st January 2013. The new environment will invite visitors to access and discover more in a stimulating environment that will broaden the appeal of culture and science. The City of Oulu aims to find new and innovative ways for museum and science center visitors to experience, find knowledge, hunt the past and imagine the future. Through LLGA2013 and the associated global network, the City of Oulu aims to find new technological tools and innovations to improve the overall customer satisfaction in the public services, and of the visitors.

Participating cities vary in population size from less than 100 thousand to 21 million: Aalborg, Barcelona, Boston, Christchurch, Eindhoven, Fukuoka DC, L’Hospitalet, Lagos, Lavasa, London, Mexico, Oulu, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rosario, San Francisco, Sant Cugat, Sheffield, Tacoma, Terrassa and York.

Challenges are presented by global cities – in partnership with Oracle, the UN Global Compact Cities Programme and The Climate Group – in areas such as mobility, economic development, social inclusion, health & wellbeing, urban management, lighting, energy, culture, future government and sustainable lifestyles.

Sascha Haselmayer, CEO of says “LLGA|Cities Pilot the Future has transformed the way cities approach solving problems and improving lives. After a selection process involving more than 350 cities, we are proud to work on the challenges presented by our fully committed partner cities to make a difference already in the short term, creating new markets, getting improvements to citizens faster and making significant savings along the way”.

Juan Rada, Senior Vice President of Oracle, Public Sector, says “We are delighted to be working with, The Climate Group and cities around the world to develop transformational solutions that address urban infrastructure, service, and operational challenges. The future looks very bright for the development of innovative ideas. ”

Mayor of Christchurch, Bob Parker, says “In Christchurch, we are not just responding to disaster but also seizing opportunity. LLGA will help us tap into some of the smartest minds and most innovative technology in the world as we seek to build smarter and more forward-looking than before."

In the past three editions, LLGA has attracted 1,519 entries from 70 countries. By providing systematic market intelligence to decision-makers in cities, the program has proven to help cities discover innovative solutions that reach citizens 3 times faster with 80% lower spending.

Pilots and transformations to citizens’ experiences and opportunities can be seen in cities around the world:

  • Citizens in Barcelona benefit from more fluid transport through real-time traffic monitoring;
  • San Francisco’s citizens will enjoy more efficient and sustainable urban services thanks to the implementation of a citywide wireless communication network by Paradox Engineering.
  • Thousands of citizens in Lagos, working in the world’s third largest movie cluster, will see their livelihoods transformed by eliminating endemic DVD piracy undermining the economy through the Nollywood Upgrade Project.

Adebiyi Fatai Mabadeje, Chairman Lagos Innovation Advisory Council, Lagos State says " We are once again participating in this program which seeks to promote innovation in service delivery by tapping into the more than 7 billion potential innovators worldwide and hope LLGA will realize the solution that will best resolve our city’s challenge"

Paul James, Director of the UN Global Compact Cities Programme, says “For all of the information swirling around cities there are few clear platforms for communication that bring urban decision-makers and technology and process providers together. Good stories about good practices are not enough. We need lines of direct connection. The Cities Programme is excited to be a strong supporter of this project.”

San Francisco Mayor, Ed Lee,says “San Francisco is excited to be the first city in the United States to host the SF Summit on Service Innovation in Cities. San Francisco, as the Innovation Capital of the World, will facilitate a vigorous exchange of ideas and help develop innovative solutions to common urban challenges including transportation, the environment and healthcare that will build a better world.”

Entries to LLGA can be submitted free of charge until 31January 2013. A shortlist of the 5 nominated solutions will be presented by each city in March 2013. The solutions selected to implement a pilot will be announced in a Summit in May 2013, hosted by the city of San Francisco. The Summit will bring together the 150 solutions nominated providers selected from over 4,500 candidates, and key city leaders to share challenges, opportunities and kick-start implementation.


About is a global marketplace for cities based in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Barcelona (Spain), working with more than 80 cities and 1,000 companies and research centers in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Its mission is to open the market for service innovation in cities and overcome key technologcal, organizational and trade barriers.

The organization, and its one-of a kind program LLGA| Cities Pilot the Future, has been recognized by leading global organizations such as the Clinton Global Initiative, the UN Global Compact Cities Programme and Ashoka Innovators for the Public for its transformative impact on improving decision-making, transparency and accountability in cities around the world.

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The UN Global Compact Cities Programme was initiated by former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan in 2003. It is a discrete component of the Global Compact, based in Melbourne and New York. The UN Global Compact Cities Programme provides an innovative framework for cities to develop and implement sustainable solutions to urban challenges of a long-term and often intractable nature. It was developed in response to the need to rethink sustainability approaches and to enable meaningful engagement of cities across all their activities—economic, ecological, political and cultural. By utilizing a common methodology, ‘Circles of Sustainability’, UN Global Compact Cities Programme combines the knowledge, experience and resources inherent within municipalities, business and civil society to bring together the strengths of each.

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