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JobCorner x 4H: Work and studies available for child counsellors via pay subsidy

JobCorner x 4H: Work and studies available for child counsellors via pay subsidy


  • What: JobCorner & 4H
  • Time: 26.6.2023, between 14–16
  • Place: BusinessAsema, Hallituskatu 36 B, Tapuli
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We are looking for child tutors for afternoon activities for schoolchildren (1-2 grades) as a wage subsidy employment. The jobs are located at Sarasuo School, Oulu International School, Kaakkuri School and Lämsänjärvi School. Please note: basic Finnish skills are required with the exception of the International School where English is enough as a working language.

Your duties include guiding the children and planning activities together with the work team.

We hope you have work experience and training in the field, but it is not necessary, we familiarize people with the tasks. Your own enthusiasm and attitude towards the job is the most important thing!

We hope you possess interaction and cooperation skills as well as a genuine interest in working with children. Work try-out is also possible!

Working hours is 31h/week (weekdays 10.30-16.30) and salary is 1431 €/ Month. The salary is in accordance with the Advisory Sector TES. Apprenticeship in the field (pt+at) in education and guidance is also possible!

Before booking for an interview, be sure to check your pay subsidy rights.

For inquiries and job applications primary contact: Suvi Hiltunen, 0406841160,
and secondary: Mirja Kaartinen,

Additional information

Salla Hirvonen
Specialist, solutions to corporate employee needs, BusinessOulu
040 726 1842

Antti Haapalainen
Specialist, Event Coordinator, North Ostrobothnia TE office
0295 056 553

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