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Updated: 12.07.2012


Kastellinmäenkuja 8
90230 OULU
+358 (0)20 740 1330
info (at)


Company description

Pedihealth Ltd. is a Finnish producer and distributor of healthcare products. The company was founded in 1986. The first products were special healthcare devices for children. Nowadays the product range consists of over 600 different products for both children and adults. The company represents several internationally known brands and manufacturers. The clients are healthcare professionals and private consumers.

Pedihealth utilizes the long-term medical experience of its founder M.D. Pediatrician Seppo Similä. Pedihealth co-operates with the companies and educational institutions in the Oulu region and Oulu University Hospital.

Pedihealth Ltd. is certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard in 2006. The company commits itself to follow the standard ISO 14001 in its every sector. The goal of Pedihealth is to provide customers high quality and competitive products. The aim is to offer customer orientated and cost-effective service.

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